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Case studies


England and Wales

In 2005 the UK overhauled its approach to gambling law, loosening restrictions on many forms of gambling while seeking to protect the vulnerable and prevent crime. Different gambling sectors have been affected unevenly by this change in the law. However Westminster policymakers recognise that they have a knowledge gap with regard to commercial bingo. Read more...

England and Wales Policy Brief

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Unless they are run by a province Canada requires that bingo games be conducted to support charitable purposes. It thus provides a contrast case to the UK, where commercial bingo has thrived. Some provincial governments have also launched initiatives to revitalize bingo as a charity revenue source, some of which have led to legal disputes. Read more...

Canada Policy Brief

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In 2004, when gambling restrictions were being lifted in many parts of the world, Brazil criminalized bingo. Our project asks why, and it explores the impact that the decision has had on different groups, including legislators, bingo workers, and players. Read more...

Brazil Policy Brief

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European Union - online

Bingo has been successfully launched online in many countries worldwide. There are more than 400 online bingo sites for players located in the UK, bringing together nearly 5 million players, and these figures are on the rise in the European Union. Read more...

EU Policy Brief

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