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Ever wondered what we do with all your comments and feedback?

'You said. We did.' not only tells you all the good things that have happened at Kent Sport as a result of your feedback and suggestions, but also highlights some of our exciting new initiatives. We really appreciate all of the feedback that you provide through our annual survey. Of course you do not have to wait for the annual survey, we enjoy receiving your feedback via email, social media and in conversation with Kent Sport staff or you can just click the button to the right to use our online feedback form - your comments are always welcome. Below you can see some of the improvements we have made in response to what you said.

You said - "We need an online booking system."

We did - Gold and Silver members can book online for fitness and dance classes; as well as courts for badminton, basketball, netball, squash and tennis; and synthetic pitches and playing fields by using the online booking system. Our 2014-15 annual survey shows that more and more of you are benefitting from the online booking system; and we have now increased the number of activities that can be booked online.

You said - "It takes too long at the Sports Centre reception."

We did - we have now provided a second fast track self-service kiosk at the Sports Centre reception to reduce queues at busier times. In addition a reception desk is now dedicated to assisting customers with questions to help maintain a steady flow of customers who are just wanting to check in, particularly at peak times.

You said - "Invest more in sport at the University of Kent."

We did - £1m has been invested in a new 3G pitch for football, rugby and American football. 2015-16 will also see a new cycle hub facility at the Pavilion. As well as developing new facilities we are always enhancing our existing facilities; we have recently installed better locker facilities and will be adding new drinking water fountains around the facilities shortly. Plans are underway for ongoing future developments.

You said - "Membership is too expensive."

We did - we have eliminated the membership cost that was associated with Bronze membership so you can now pay per session without any additional fees. We are also providing more and more activities that do not require membership - parkrun, Let's Play and various one-off events, all listed in our events calendar. We also receive a lot of feedback that membership is great value for money with so much on offer as membership provides access to all our modern sport and fitness facilities including the fitness suite, fitness and dance classes, squash courts, sports halls, tennis courts and pitches.

You said - "Better support and facility access for disabled students."

We did - Kent Sport is very keen for sport, fitness and recreation to be inclusive and widely available and accessible. Our staff are here to assist you with any accessibility enquiries or information regarding all of our activities and services. Details of what we do to ensure sport, fitness and recreation is inclusive at Kent Sport can be found here.

You said - "We need a swimming pool on campus."

We did - Kent Sport agrees entirely with the feedback received daily about the need for a swimming pool on campus and we are working towards that goal. For the first time the concept of a swimming pool on campus is now included in the Estates buildings strategic plan. Kent Sport has also launched a fundraising campaign called Project 100 to support student sporting experience and sport facility development on campus, including the development of a swimming pool. Please do continue to let us know how you feel you would benefit from a swimming pool on campus by emailing

You said - "Make more sports available on the Medway campus."

We did - Let's Play is providing 35 hours of sport per week at the Medway campus during term time 2015-16.





Good value for money!


Good atmosphere, friendly and welcoming. A good mix of classes with new classes being introduced on a regular basis.


Modern easy to use facilities and lots of them. Also, a huge range of classes and activities available.


Friendly staff, great range of equipment, sports physio facility available, a good range of classes and they can be booked a week ahead. Modern facility that is clean, friendly and well equipped.

An integral part of my university experience.



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