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Xercise Factor 2017

Xercise Factor aims to make long lasting changes to members' lifestyles. It is a complete overhaul of exercise and lifestyle habits and the promotion requires full commitment from the contestants to complete the challenge.

Meet the contestants – you can see their profiles and blogs below and follow their journey during February and March as they see if they have what it takes to be the Xercise Factor Champion 2017. It's a grueling process, but the rewards outweigh the hard work.


Xercise Factor

The contestants

Amarah McKenzie-Lyle

Amarah McKenzie-Lyle
Amarah McKenzie-Lyle
21 year old female student member

Mentor: Liz Coult
Liz Coult

Exercise History
Using the gym, attending classes and running.

Top 2017 Lifestyle Goals
1. To be fit and healthy
2. To exercise consistently and incorporate it into my daily routine
3. Reach a healthy weight/normal BMI

Why Amarah has the Xercise Factor
I am determined, have an interest in working out and think this opportunity would really benefit me, teaching me new exercises along the way. Furthermore, seeing as this is a competition – I am very competitive so will be putting in 100% effort.



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