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Xercise Factor is back...

The Xercise Factor programme aims to make long lasting changes to members' lifestyles. Through one-to-one support from a Kent Sport fitness mentor, you will be guided through an overhaul of exercise and lifestyle habits over six weeks. The promotion requires full commitment from the contestants with at least one session each week with your mentor and a fortnightly diet and exercise blog (submitted to the fitness team).

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The competitors

Courtney Allen / 27 year old female student

Mentor: Sarah Black

Exercise history:
I have struggled with my eating and fitness my whole life. As a young adult I was unaware about healthy eating habits and would fall into Yo-Yo dieting fads. Since starting my PHD I have made a list of changes and have lost a significant amount of weight but struggle to continue to do so.

Top four 2018 lifestyle goals:

  1. To remain continually active throughout the year
  2. To learn more about nutrition and the best foods for my body
  3. To get stronger
  4. To go to the gym and od effective workouts

Why Courtney has the Xercise Factor
I am a very motivated and determined individual and although I may not look like a champion… I am!

Peteche Bethell / 22 year old female student

Mentor: Jeni Dexter

Exercise history:
Regular gym as well as Zumba and Spinning.  I also enjoy dance and swimming however the amounts of these have fluctuated from around 5 days a week at 1-2 hours, to doing the bare minimum. :0(  

Top four 2018 lifestyle goals:

  1. To improve my time management, pre-planning and execution skills
  2. To lose 30lbs and remain consistently at that weight or lower
  3. Ultimately improve my overall BMI and general health
  4. To be less dependent on sugar/fatty foods

Why Peteche has the Xercise Factor
I have the Xercise Factor because I am quite determined and focussed on the goals that I set. I’m honest with myself and know where or how I need to improve. I also have the willpower to try again even if I feel I’ve failed. I acknowledge that getting back into shape and forming better eating habits will be difficult, but given the immense support I have, I believe that I can be successful.

Stacey Cooper / 32 year old female staff member

Mentor: Gavin Connor

Exercise history:
I have always tried to maintain a basic fitness level, generally by doing simple exercises such as running, cross training and yoga.  I haven’t felt confident to lift weights as I don’t want to lift with bad form and injure myself.  I like to try and exercise at least three or four times a week.

Top four 2018 lifestyle goals:

  1. To be the healthiest and physically fittest I have ever been
  2. I want to understand what works for my body and change my lifestyle forever
  3. I want to prove to myself that being in your 30’s doesn’t mean you cannot be the best version of you
  4. I want to understand how to fuel my body with the correct nutrients to compliment exercise

Why Stacey has the Xercise Factor
When I set myself a goal I work hard to achieve that.  I am passionate in whatever I do and am determined to learn, work and develop my knowledge, strength, endurance and ability to succeed. I would be honoured to be offered the opportunity to partake in the Xercise Factor!

Dr Fragkiskos Filippaios / 43 year old male staff member

Mentor: Oli Prior

Exercise history:
I used to be someone who loved sports.  I was playing amateur basketball during my university years and was running half-marathons.  This has changed a lot due to my current workload and lifestyle. :0(

Top four 2018 lifestyle goals:

  1. I want to lose weight – I have put on over 15kg over the past few years and stopped exercising
  2. Regain fitness and stamina
  3. Having a young child I want to return back to where I was 10 years ago
  4. Improve my lifestyle

Why Fragkiskos has the Xercise Factor
I have good foundations and can be really motivated with a little push and help.  I can achieve my goals and become a role model for others. :0)

Pip Gregory / 34 year old female staff member

Mentor: Laetitia Pelacchi

Exercise history:
I was once a figure skater, although the last significant competition I participated in was in 2000, I regularly attended Power Pilates and have bene contemplating undertaking training to teach Pilates at some point in the future.  I am a reasonably good walker, and would rather walk than drive anywhere, to help this I regularly walk between UKC and CCCU for sessional teaching jobs usually whilst carrying books and resources with me.  I completed fit for the beach last year but suffered haemoptysis in September 2017 and was forced to cut back on exercise until Christmas, but I am starting to rebuild  my fitness now.

Top four 2018 lifestyle goals:

  1. Get back to fitness, in order to maintain my health following the best part of two months on IV antibiotics
  2. I want to do this so I can complete more of the GreatStrides65 Challenge that I was training for last year in 2017 when I completed half the course through the day, but would like to complete far more this year
  3. I need to get into regular distance training and develop overall body strength in order to prepare for the above challenge and complete it
  4. Following my recent illness I am also hoping to return to a healthy weight and maintain if for the year ahead

Why Pip has the Xercise Factor
Once I set myself goals, I am determined and will fight for them.  I have a number of health issues that should have held me back in life, but I constantly refuse to let them, that is why despite everything, I have competed at world class level figure skating, I have been a secondary school teacher, I have completed almost as many degrees as many degrees as I have diagnoses, and I continue to work in the University sector.

I am committed to anything that I take on, and in this regard my health is always a strong feature, and anything that will help improve it is always going to get my vote and my full devotion.

Jade Levin / 21 year old female student

Mentor: Mike Burrell

Exercise history:
Intermittent weight training for approximately 3-4 years.  HIIT and LISS before tearing ACL in Sept 2016.

Top four 2018 lifestyle goals:

  1. Improve body confidence
  2. Get fit for my sister’s wedding in August this year
  3. Feel stronger
  4. To regain strength lost following ACL injury

Why Jade has the Xercise Factor
Despite tearing my ACL and having surgery, I managed to lose 24lbs via tracing macros, long walks and weights.  I just need a final push to lose the last 10lbs!

Vicky Mason / 35 year old female staff member

Mentor: Chris Payne

Exercise history:
Pre-children I ran 10km, half and full marathons.  I now have three boys under 4 years old and have just returned from maternity leave for the third and definitely final time!  I don’t have much experience in the Gym and am a bit intimidated by the weights and the machines. 

Top four 2018 lifestyle goals:

  1. I want to return to being fit and healthy post pregnancy
  2. I want to set a good example to my three young boys that eating well and exercise is important
  3. I want to focus more on weights and strength building proving that women are strong
  4. I want to explore new fitness modes rather than running, I just don’t know how to do it on my own

Why Vicky has the Xercise Factor
I hope I could set a good example to my sons, colleagues and students.  I have limited time to fit in exercise however it is so important to physical and mental wellbeing that that I am determined to fit it in.  This means I need to make the most of my time in the gym.  I am hoping to prove that I can have it all…. A family, a full-time job and be fit and healthy at the same time.

Ben White / 31 year old male staff member

Mentor: Ben Roberts

Exercise history:
I was an intermittent runner, cyclist and swimmer who exercised frequently during my younger years before focusing more on cycling and competing locally and successfully at sportive events.  Events in 2015/16 however triggered a decline in my activity and fitness levels combined with poor nutrition resulting in weight gain and sickness.  In 2017, I was back on the horse or more specifically the bike riding over 2000 miles, with this momentum I am looking for a new challenge in 2018… bring on the Xercise Factor!

Top four 2018 lifestyle goals:

  1. Become and maintain the best version of me I have ever been
  2. Cycle over 3000 miles including at least two 100 mile challenges
  3. Finish walking the entire North Downs Way – Which I started in 2013 but have not completed
  4. Give up drinking completely and forever

Why Ben has the Xercise Factor
I have proven that I can do – I changed my way of life before, I’ll do it again, I also have the desire to get back to the fitness level I once possessed.  I am not afraid of pain or pushing myself until I am completely spent, then come back for more.  I will not be beaten, I am committed, driven and focused.  I have a solid base to work from, even in my current lardy state I’m an above average cyclist, and most importantly I want to wear a pair of Budgie Smugglers on the beach with no hint of irony!

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