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Geometric Models of Nuclear Matter Conference

There will be a conference on geometric models of nuclear matter from Monday, 18/08/2014 to Wednesday, 20/08/2014. The conference is supported by a conference grant from the IoP Mathematical and Theoretical Physics Group and the IoP Nuclear Physics Group. The talks will take place in the Maths Lecture Theatre at the SMSAS at Kent. Please download the program in color or in black and white.

The conference poster can be found here.

The conference dinner will take place on Tuesday, 19/08/2014 at 7 pm in Pinocchio’s. The £24 for the three course dinner menu should be paid at the registration desk. The menu can be found here.

List of talks

Christoph Adam BPS Skyrmions as neutron stars
Stefano Bolognesi Baby Skyrme Model, Near-BPS Approximations and Supersymmetric Extensions
Alex Cockburn Symmetric hyperbolic monopoles
David Foster Skyrmion Scattering
Mike Gillard Skyrmions with small classical binding energies
Mareike Haberichter Classically Isospinning Skyrmions
Derek Harland Topological energy bounds
Theodora Ioannidou Strings, integrable systems and harmonic maps
Rogelio Jante Spin in Geometric Models of Matter
Paul Jennings Non-torus knots in the Skyrme-Faddeev model
Burkhard Kleihaus Skyrmion Wormholes
Chris Lau Quantisation of Skyrmions
Nick Manton Skyrmions -- the next steps
Carlos Naya Nuclear Binding Energies with the BPS Skyrme Model
Jose Queiruga SUSY Skyrme models
Yasha Shnir Gauged Hopfions
Martin Speight Near BPS Skyrmions and restricted harmonic maps
Paul Sutcliffe Holographic Baby Skyrmions
Andrzej Wereszczynski The Gauged BPS Skyrme model and magnetized baby skyrmions
Tom Winyard Hyperbolic Skyrmions

List of participants:

Organising Committee

Please email Dr Steffen Krusch at in case you are interested in attending the conference. Women speakers, in particular, are encouraged to present a talk and attend the conference. Please contact me to discuss what we can do to enable participation by people with children or family responsibilities. The London Mathematical Society and the Institute of Physics also make available grants to assist parents and carers to attend meetings.

Practical Information

Local travel information including maps may be found here.

Train information may be obtained from here.

Contact Info

Phone: +44(0)1227 827675

Address: School of Mathematics, Statistics and Actuarial Science, Canterbury CT2 7NF, U.K.


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