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Current Office Hours

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Teaching and related material

This section provides information about course modules on which I currently teach. There may be information about them on SMSAS module pages but all students should access via UoK Moodle. There is a link below.

I am the convenor for the following modules.

I also give lectures on the following.

Anything which is currently available on these modules can be found on Moodle which you can access from the student portal.

Research and related material

My research interests are mainly in the area of arithmetic algebraic geometry which is the area where number theory and algebraic geometry meet. I am interested in the computation of various quantities which arise in the study of diophantine questions like the conjectures of Birch and Swinnerton-Dyer and in evidence for Langlands' type conjectures, particularly the Generalised Shimura Taniyama (G-S-T) Conjecture. In particular, I am interested in the arithmetic questions these general problems pose for low dimensional abelian varieties (eg the Jacobians of curves of genus 2 and 3.)

IMSAS LaTeX examination paper preparation

Here in postscript or in PDF are instructions for using the IMSAS LaTeX package (author Mike Bremner).
More detailed instructions on the use of this style file can be found in postscript here or in PDF here.
The current exam style file is year independent but might not work with very old exam papers (please consult me if you need to process a very old paper): year independent exam style file.
Sample file contains a two section skeleton file for the standard format papers with A and B sections (save to file). Further instructions for question labelling in the above files.

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