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  • London Mathematics Society job listings
  • NISS Noticeboard page
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    General Math Links

  • Comprehensive Tex Archive Network
  • MathSciNet (Mathematical Reviews on the Web)
  • Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences
  • Mathematical Sciences Research Institute, Berkeley
  • EPSRC Programmes
  • London Mathematical Society
  • Edinburgh Mathematical Society
  • AMS e-math server
  • New York Journal of Mathematics
  • Computer Algebra Nederland
  • CERN Preprint Server
  • Bibliography of publications about the Maple symbolic algebra system.
  • MapleTech.
  • COPAC provides access to the consolidated online catalogues of some of the largest university research libraries in the UK and Ireland.

    Some Fun Math Links

  • Platonic Realms
  • Mathematical Quotations
  • Mathematicians Birth Place Map
  • Mathematicians Biographies
  • Mathematical Constants
  • Mega-Mathematics
  • Cornell Theory Center Math and Science Gateway
  • A Brief History of Algebra and Computing
  • Mathematical Art Gallery
  • Biographies of Women Mathematicians
  • Mathematical Time Lines

    Some Useful Maps

  • UK Map
  • Virtual Tourist World Map
  • Virtual Tourist European Map

    Non-Linear Systems

  • Nonlinear Science e-Print Archive
  • The CATHODE group, Computer Algebra Techniques for Handling ODEs
  • Exactly Solvable and Integrable Systems preprints
  • Centre for Nonlinear Studies, Los Alamos
  • IOP Electronics journals
  • Links to other nonlinear sites

    Algebraic and Computational Number Theory

  • Darmstadt (Comp Science, Home of LiDIA)
  • SIMATH at Saarbrucken (Maths)
  • Number Theory Archive
  • The KANT/KASH Group
  • Bletchley Park Museum
  • Number Theory Web

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