Invited & Plenary Talks

STATLEARN conference, April 2023, Montpellier, France, “eDNAPlus: A unifying modelling framework for DNA-based biodiversity monitoring.”

International Biometric Society meeting on Advanced topics in spatial sampling, March 2021, virtual, “How to walk the BeeWalk: modelling bumblebee citizen science data.”

Statistical Methods for Post-Genomic Data International Conference, January 2021, virtual, “New statistical methods for eDNA data.”

Euring International Conference, June 2020, virtual, “Modelling survival in ecological studies.”

Integrating quantitative social, ecological and mathematical sciences into landscape decision - Workshop, Isaac Newton Institute, September 2020, virtual, “Integrating new statistical frameworks into eDNA survey and analysis at the landscape scale.”

CFE-CMStatistics, December 2019, London, UK, “Bayesian capture-recapture models with temporary emigration and heterogeneity using mixtures of changepoint processes.”

3rd Valencia International Bayesian Analysis Summer School, July 2019, Valencia, Spain, “Bayesian modelling of environmental DNA data.”

Addressing statistical challenges of modern technological advances ICMS, June 2019, Edinburgh, UK, “Modelling environmental DNA data.”

META workshop, December 2015, Birmingham, UK, “Modelling migration patterns of wildlife populations using a Bayesian non-parametric approach.”

RSS 2015 Annual Conference, September 2015, Exeter, UK, “Bayesian non-parametric population ecology models.”

Herpetofauna Workers Meeting, February 2015, Newcastle, UK, “How easy is it to translocate amphibian and reptile populations? Lessons from removal modelling.”

IBS Channel Network Conference, July 2013, St Andrews, UK, “Integrated Analysis of Capture-Recapture-Resighting Data and Counts of Unmarked Birds at Stop-over Sites.”


“New models for DNA based single and multi species monitoring.”
- University of Bergamo, May 2022.
- University of St Andrews (virtual), March 2022.
- University of Edinburgh (virtual), March 2022.
- University of Bath (virtual), March 2022.

University of Cape Town (virtual), October 2020, “Single and multi-species monitoring using environmental DNA.”

University of Glasgow (virtual), October 2020, “Environmental DNA as a monitoring tool; sampling and methods at the single and multi species level.”

University of Southampton, December 2019, “Modelling phenology using capture-recapture data.”

Bocconi University, May 2019, “Bayesian modelling and variable selection for environmental DNA data.”

Collegio Carlo Alberto, Compagnia di San Paolo and University of Torino, November 2018, “Bayesian nonparametric modelling of phenology using capture-recapture data.”

University of Sheffield, March 2017, “Modelling phenology in marked and unmarked populations”.

British Trust for Ornithology, October 2015, “Modelling stopover and related data.”

University of St Andrews, January 2013, “Modelling the emergence of bivoltine butterfly species using mixtures.”


“Modelling DNA-based data”, with Richard Griffiths, Doug Yu and Alex Diana
- September 2022 & May 2022, University of Kent, UK.
- June 2022, International Statistical Ecology Conference, Cape Town, South Africa.

“New user-friendly software for analysing and interpreting eDNA results.” with Richard Griffiths.
- February 2020, Herpetofauna Workers’ Meeting 2020, Southport, UK.

“Sampling, analysis and interpretation of eDNA data”, with Richard Griffiths and Andrew Buxton.
- September 2019, University of Kent, UK.

NERC advanced training course “Statistical models for wildlife population assessment and conservation”, with Diana Cole and Rachel McCrea.
- March 2018, January 2017 & January 2016, University of Kent, UK.

“Open-population capture-recapture and stopover duration models; recent advances including age-structure and heterogeneity”, with Shirley Pledger and Murray Efford.
- June 2010, International Statistical Ecology Conference, Canterbury, UK.

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