How to find articles in legal journals

1. I'm looking for a specific article

Eg Jeremy Waldron, 'How law protects dignity' (2012) 71 (1) CLJ 200

  1. Go to LibrarySearch
  2. Enter the article title - eg 'How law protects dignity' - in the search box
  3. Click View Online to access the databases that have holdings for the article

2. I've searched LibrarySearch for the specific article, but I can’t find it

  1. Enter the journal title - eg 'Cambridge Law Journal' - in LibrarySearch.
    1. If the journal title is abbreviated, eg CLJ, you may first need to decode the title using the Cardiff Index to Legal Abbreviations
  2. Click on the journal title under the section Were you looking for this journal? to see databases that have holdings for the journal. Select a database that covers the publication year of your article, eg 2012.
  3. Now navigate to the article using the publication year (eg 2012), volume (eg 71), issue (eg 1) and number of first page (eg 200).

If you can't access the article using these steps, check the journals listing and search for the journal title. Follow step 3 above to find the article.

If you still can't access the article, go to your module reading list and Moodle to see if a scan of the item has been uploaded. If you still can't find it, please request it via the document delivery service.

3. I'm looking for articles on a particular subject

With LibrarySearch you can search a broad range of library resources from a single interface.

The specialist nature of legal databases means some key sources are not fully covered by LibrarySearch and are best searched directly for comprehensive legal research.

For in-depth legal research you should:

  1. search LibrarySearch with your subject key words, eg 'responsibility to protect Libya' - to refine your results use the filters on the right.
  2. then also search directly in relevant databases in the Electronic Law Library. Start with the 'Journals' tab in Westlaw. If you cannot access the article you need in Westlaw directly please follow the steps in point 2 above to see if the journal is available.

Best starting places to search for legal articles on a subject

Service In LibrarySearch? Description
Hein Online Partially in LibrarySearch - search now Searchable full text backruns of journals. Includes Selden Society Publications and the History of Early English Law
Index to Foreign Legal Periodicals Fully in LibrarySearch - search now For articles on non-Anglo-American law and British and American publications concerning foreign law
Index to Legal Periodicals Fully in LibrarySearch - search now For articles on law from English language publications. Now only available via EBSCO - scroll down the list and tick Index to Legal Periodicals and Books (H.W. Wilson)
Journals Index on Lexis®Library Partially in LibrarySearch - search now Articles in legal journals published in UK and Europe
Westlaw: Legal Journals Index Partially in LibrarySearch - search now Use the ‘Journals’ tab on Westlaw UK to search articles from over 800 UK and EU legal journals. Only a small proportion of Westlaw journals are available via LibrarySearch so it is important to search directly in Westlaw for journals..

For full information about the coverage of law databases in LibrarySearch see the Electronic Law Library.


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