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How can I search all North American law journals on Lexis®Library?

Go to LexisLibrary, open Journals and go to International Journals from menu on left and selecting US & Canadian Law Reviews Combined from the Sources drop down.


Where are Law Commission Reports?

Recent Law Commission Reports (1996-) and Consultation Papers (1999-) are available electronically on the Law Commission site. There is also a full publications listing on the site.

Earlier Law Commission reports and consultation papers are available in pdf format on BAILII.

Print copies of Law Commission Reports and Working and Consultation Papers are held in the British Government Publications Collection.


Can I access Command Papers online?

Command Papers published from May 2005 onwards are available on the Official Documents site from TSO.

Kent users can also access Command Papers on U.K. Parliamentary Papers and Public Information Online (click Login through your Home Organisation (under Shibboleth, right column), type "Kent" in the search box and choose University of Kent, then login with your Kent IT account details). More information: British Government Publications Collection.


Where do I find Kent law dissertations?

Kent dissertations and theses are kept in the Library Basement Store. See the guide Thesis Collection for more information.


Which database should I use?

The two main legal databases are LexisLibrary and Westlaw. They contain legislation, cases and commentary

Other datasets are more specialised. Look at the Electronic Law Library to see what is available.

For help using the library and finding different types of legal resources please see our Researching the lawguides:


Why am I being asked to pay for a law journal article?

The Templeman Library has a great many subscriptions through a variety of hosts. In order to access them you have to be identified as being a registered student or staff at the University of Kent. To do this make sure you follow the links from the library webpages or follow the instructions for institutional login from the resources website.

Please see our Lawlinks guide to Finding legal articles for more information.


How can I search all the journals on Westlaw at once?

  1. Logon to Westlaw from the Electronic Law Library.
  2. Click on the Services link at the top of the screen to reveal the drop down menu. Click on Westlaw International.
  3. Click on the World Journals tab.
  4. Select the World Journals and Law Reviews box (Click in the box).
  5. Click Show Advanced Options.
  6. Using the connectors and expanders, type your search in the search box. (You may find it helpful to restrict your search using the Dates box drop down options).

Note: This only covers titles on Westlaw International. For UK titles use the Journals tab on the screen you would normally see when you log in.


How do I find an abbreviation for a journal title or law report?

Law has many standardised abbreviations for journal titles and law reports. They can be found by searching the Cardiff Index to Legal Abbreviations created by colleagues at Cardiff University.

Note: not all subject areas have such standardised lists, so you may need to cite using the full journal title for works from other subject areas.



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