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Other libraries or collections

The University of Kent Libraries may not hold all the material you need, especially if you are engaged in a research project.

Search the online catalogues of other libraries; once you have identified where material is held you may decide to to request material or to visit another institution.

The Templeman Library has joined several schemes that provide you with access to other libraries, including many other higher education institutions, some of which have substantial education collections. Some of those schemes provide you with reference access, while others allow borrowing material.

See the other libraries page for full information on the various access or delivery schemes available.

Of particular interest to Arts students are the following institutions and catalogues:

  • Art Discovery Group Catalogue: brings together the records of over 70 specialist art libraries worldwide, including records for books, articles, conference papers and exhibition catalogues.
  • British Architectural Library (RIBA: Royal Institute of British Architects): Students registered on Architecture courses can apply for RIBA Student membership which gives free access to the RIBA library. Borrowing is also available for a fee.
    The RIBA online catalogue also indexes over 300 architectural journals held in the RIBA library, so can be used to locate information in journal articles.
  • British Museum: you can search the Collection database via the Research link. This enables you to search for holdings of images from the collections in the museum. The database will grow in size.
  • The Getty - site of the museum, Research Institute, etc.
  • National Art Library (Victoria & Albert Museum)

Institutions in France

Local libraries

A list of local libraries is available, but of particular interest to Drama and Theatre Studies are:


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