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Culture and the Canada - U.S. border

"idle no more" & the border

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First Nations Flag Planted at Akwesasne Border Post

Protesters planting indigenous flag on Akwesasne border post, Jan 5 2013 - photo by Don Smith at Cornwall Free News (with permission)

border site protests

"[W]e have to look beyond the colonial border and understand that the struggle for tribal sovereignty and the protection of our homelands is part and parcel to the overall struggle of indigenous justice." Robert Desjarlait in Intercontinental Cry

>> Akwesasne, January 5 2013

"The border doesn't exist for Native people," Reinhardt said. "That's like trying to tell the fish, 'Hey, that's the U.S. and that's Canada.' They're going to get sick on either side." Martin Reinhardt in The Mining Journal

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Idle No More Border Blockade - Photography by Jenna Pope


Cornwall/Akwesasne Border Event - Censored News

Akwesasne Border Blockade -


>> Peace Arch Border Crossing, January 5 2013

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Redeye Collective: Organiser Kat Norris speaks to Jane Williams


#IdleNoMore 1-5-2013

IdleNoMore Protest


>> Osoyoos Border Crossing, January 5 2013

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Idle No More at Osoyoos Border -

Okanagan Idle No More movement heads to border - Penticton Western News


>> Blue Water Bridge, January 5 2013


Idle No More Blue Water Bridge Rally


>> Ambassador Bridge, January 16 2013

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