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Culture and the Canada - U.S. border

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Canadian Review of American Studies || Canadian Review of American Studies is published three times a year by the Canadian Association for American Studies with the support of Carleton University. Published three times a year, the journal aims to further multi- and interdisciplinary analyses of the culture of the US and of social relations between the US and Canada.

Comparative American Studies || Comparative American Studies is an international journal that extends scholarly debates about American Studies beyond the geographical boundaries of the United States, repositioning discussions about American culture within an international, comparative framework.

Journal of Transnational American Studies || The Journal of Transnational American Studies (JTAS) is a peer-reviewed online journal that seeks to broaden the interdisciplinary study of American cultures in a transnational context.

49th Parallel || Founded in 1999, 49th Parallel is a peer-reviewed, interdisciplinary e-journal devoted to American and Canadian studies. It seeks to promote innovative and challenging academic work. The journal takes its name from the 1,270 mile border separating USA and Canada, and in this sense is keen to encourage dialogues and debates which transcend the boundaries of customary theoretical approaches to the culture, history, and politics of the North American continent.

American Review of Canadian Studies || American Review of Canadian Studies examines Canada and the Canadian point of view from an American perspective. Its articles—both interdisciplinary and disciplinary—explore Canada’s arts, cultures, economics, politics, history, society, and environment, recognizing Canada’s distinctive position in the world.



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