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As part of ‘The British Grotowski Project – a re-evaluation’ Pablo Pakula will be carrying out specific research relating to the dissemination of Grotowski’s work amongst British practitioners, and its influence upon the contemporary British stage. The aim is to establish a fluid dialogue, beyond academia, with both performers and groups who have come in contact with Grotowski directly or indirectly. This is where your contribution is crucial for the project’s success.

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As part of this research Pablo Pakula has recently carried out a number of interviews with some of the individuals who were involved in the RSC production of U.S. /US (Aldwych Theatre, London, 1966). This collaborative work was directed by Peter Brook and had the Vietnam War as its central theme. For ten days in August 1966, Jerzy Grotowksi and Ryszard Cieslak led an intense workshop for the company. As can be seen from this photograph by Morris Newcombe (pictured right); these ten days with Grotowski left their ‘feel’ on the production.
Pablo Pakula would like to thank the following people for having granted him interviews: Albert hunt (assistant director), Glenda Jackson, Marjie lawrence, Leon Lissek, Robert Langdon Lloyd, Pauline Munro, Barry Stanton,and Henry Woolf (members of the RSC)

RAT symposium in Wales, November 2007

(US/U.S, a collaborative piece between Peter Brook and the RSC, Aldwych Theatre, 1966) Grotowski was called in by Brook to carry out a ten day workshop with the company. As can be seen from this photograph by Morris Newcome, he left his 'feel' on the production.