We include here various events related to the project's research interests, both here in Canterbury and elsewhere. This includes shared activities with our project partner in Wroclaw.

Coachwerks Unschool of Performance
20th to 29th November 09: Grotowski in Practice: a series of events around Grotowski’s impact on current theatre practitioners. More

Selected photos from a touring exhibition and the Kent conference.

A brief film record of our exhibition Grotowski: Theatre and Beyond is available here

British Grotowski Conference 2009:

'Grotowski: Theatre and Beyond' More

Postgraduate/Practitioners' Open Symposium (pdf)- here

Poster designed by Krzysztof Bednarski, who designed several of Grotowski's paratheatre posters, some of which are included on this our own poster. Here for larger pdf version

click here for full size poster
You are very welcome to visit the theatre exhibition which will be open from 2 - 8pm from 8-19th June in our Lumley drama studio (opposite the Gulbenkian) before it tours to London and later Wales. The exhibition includes costumes, props, bits of original set, theatre posters, design sketches and specially commissioned films and photographs by two Italian photographers. It is funded by the AHRC and the Institute of Adam Mickiewicz, Poland, as part of the UNESCO-designated Year of Grotowski.

The exhibition and the British Grotowski Conference will be opened with a wine reception and buffet supper in the Grimond foyer on Thursday 11th June at 7 pm.
click here for full size poster Click here for large version of poster designed by Krzysztof Bednarski, who designed several of Grotowski's paratheatre posters, some of which are included on this our own poster.

more (Italian pdf)
Programme and more info (Italian pdf)


Inauguration of Grotowski year 2009

Inauguration of the Grotowski Year 2009. The programme of the Inauguration includes among others the opening of the exhibition Dust. ‘Apocalypsis cum Figuris’ in the photographs of Maurizio Buscarino, international conference Grotowski: what was, what is. And what is to be done, the concert by Bauls from West Bengal (India) and the meeting with Peter Brook devoted to his book With Grotowski. Theatre is Just a Form, led by Professor Georges Banu.

Complete programme here.

More information about the programme of the Grotowski Year 2009 at www.grotowskiyear.pl.

Meetings with Remarkable Women
7th July – 5th August
Wroclaw, Brzezinka

Meetings with Remarkable Women explores the artistic journeys of women from different cultures and generations who share a direct connection to Grotowski’s legacy through their participation in the various periods of his life-long practical research. The main focus of this project is the interrelation of training, transmission, and creativity.

From 7 July to 5 August 2009, the Grotowski Institute (Wrocław, Poland) will host the project’s month-long laboratory of creative research, which will consist of five advanced work sessions led by Rena Mirecka (Laboratory Theatre), Iben Nagel Rasmussen (Odin Teatret), Katharina Seyferth (Paratheatre/Theatre of Sources), Ang Gey Pin and Dora Arreola (Objective Drama Project and Art as Vehicle).

This laboratory of creative research will also feature live performances, works-in-progress, documentary films and archival footage, as well as presentations by special guests, and will enable participants to engage in an open dialogue about performance practice in a spirit of mutual trust and respect.

These events will take place at two historical sites: the performance space in Wrocław where the Laboratory Theatre rehearsed and performed landmark productions such as The Constant Prince, Acropolis, and Apocalypsis cum Figuris, and the workspace located in the forest of Brzezinka where Grotowski conducted his paratheatrical research and part of his Theatre of Sources project.

Meetings with Remarkable Women is funded by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada and directed by Virginie Magnat, a performer, educator and researcher who is the co-founder of the University of British Columbia’s new Interdisciplinary Performance Program focusing on experimental and intercultural performance practices. Stefania Gardecka, who was Grotowski’s personal assistant and the main administrator of the Laboratory Theatre, is the project consultant. Meetings with Remarkable Women is developed in partnership with the Grotowski Institute and the British Grotowski Project. The project is part of the programme of the Grotowski Year 2009 under auspices of UNESCO.

For more information, please contact:
Virginie Magnat virginie.magnat@ubc.ca
Stefania Gardecka stefa@grotowski-institute.art.pl

Ang Gey Pin. Phot. Maciej Zakrzewski

Dora Arreola. Phot. Ed Cohen

Rena Mirecka. Phot. Paola Torricelli

Katharina Seiferth. Phot. Alain Meuriot-Queyroux

Iben Nagel Rasmussen. Phot. Francesco Galli






















Events Archive:

Thomas Richards and Mario Biagini from the Workcenter of Jerzy Grotowski and Thomas Richards in Pontedera, Italy, were Maria Shevtsova's guests this year as part of her Conversations Series at Goldsmiths, University of London on 25 November.  More details

The British Grotowski Project and The European Theatre Research Network Present:
The Myth and The Flesh
a performance-based research presentation by Marián Araújo
Wednesday 15th of October
Aphra Theatre 6PM
The Myth and the Flesh

A woman weaves a trail that leads her through the many doors of her inescapable memory. As she fleshes out her myth to reveal other selves, she invokes and confronts a sensuous innocent, a woman in the still pain of adulthood and an ancient pilgrim, all bound by the touch of an impossible love for one that cannot be counted. More about the performance

The Myth and The Flesh is a solo piece created as part of an ongoing solitary research process which challenges and interrogates the role and the autonomy of the actor as an independent artist, by examining possibilities to transform her into a whole creator. More details about the artist

Dramaturgy by Marián Araújo from texts by Jeffrey Gormley, Paul Celan, The Song of Songs, Apocrypha texts, Julio Cortazar, Kahlil Gibran, Margarite Yourcenar and T.S. Eliot. Traditional Sefardi, Cuban and Spanish songs.


Studium Teatralne's director Piotr Borowski showed his film The Song is Over (Koniec Piesni) as part of the Cultural Memory conference:
Thursday 11th September - 7pm in the Gulbenkian Cinema on campus.
Further details on the conference here.
This was followed by a screening in partnership with the Central School of Speech and Drama CETT on the evening of Friday 12th. This visit was supported by the Polish Cultural Institute.
Photo by Wanda Wróbel
“In the Winter of 1980/81 I had set off with three of my actor friends on what we called a ‘Winter Expedition’. For three months we had toured with our performance in the Bialystok region, in the area between the great forests of Augustów and Knyszyn on the north-eastern border of Poland. We walked from village to village, pulling a sledge loaded with our belongings. These people, showing their gratitude for our performances, sang their songs for us which I recorded on tape.
In 2007 I returned there in order either to give them back these recordings or to hand them over to the families of those who had already passed away.”
The Song is Over is an extraordinary documentary film made by Piotr Borowski, one of Poland’s leading experimental theatre directors, which charts his return to the poor, decaying villages of north-east Poland in the outer reaches of the EU. It demonstrates the power of music to bring back the dead and reawaken the past in a moving tribute to another distant age. Still from 'The song is over'

Indian performance troupe Milon Mela
Arts Council England

The Art Council England funded Giuliano Campo of the British Grotowski Project to bring Indian performance troupe Milon Mela to the University of Kent at Canterbury in May2008 for workshops with actors and students, an outdoors fire and musical performance, and a work demonstration.
Milon Mela in Kent May 2008 (pdf)
Milon Mela in the South East

Arts Council England

The British Grotowski project presented a concert:
Forms of Liturgical Music of Christian East and West by
THEATRE ZAR ( Wroclaw, Poland)
Thursday 3rd April 7-30 pm
St Peter’s Methodist Church, St Peter’s Street, Canterbury More (pdf file)

The British Grotowski Project addressed practitioners, teachers and performers who want to investigate Polish director Jerzy Grotowski’s practical legacy and examine how to develop further current performance practice inspired by this starting point. This laboratory was a chance for groups and individuals with a specific interest in this area to progress their practice through intensive work led by three British performers/teachers, who have extensive experience in work connected to Grotowski.
The 6 day laboratory took place on the Canterbury campus at the University of Kent from Monday 14th – Saturday 19th April, 2008. More

Workcenter of Jerzy Grotowski and Thomas Richards - forthcoming selection sessions

January 2008 at the Grotowski Institute further details

Greenville (North Carolina, USA), 2nd November
Giuliano Campo- Commedia dell'Arte/Harlequin performance and presenedt a paper at East Carolina University’s ‘HumorFest’ Conference on 2nd November (Greenville, North Carolina, USA), with the title:
‘Italian Political Theatre as a Strategy for Theatre Policy: The Monologues of Dario Fo’
This was in the panel "European Humor after the Fall of Communism". He underlined connections between Dario Fo, Eugenio Barba and Jerzy Grotowski and introduce the British Grotowski project as part of the talk.

Wroclaw (Poland), October 2007
An Action in creation:
During project “Horizons” (Part I) the Workcenter of Jerzy Grotowski and Thomas Richards held demonstrations of An Action in creation, a new opus directed by Thomas Richards in the field of Workcenter research known as art as vehicle. The opus is based on an anonymous ancient text of the Western tradition and also on ancient vibratory songs. The text which appears in the opus has a narrative nature. The gist of the story – a story of a journey, of a task forgotten and then remembered and fulfilled – can be found in several versions throughout the whole Eastern Mediterranean area. The dramaturgical approach is not one of narration: as in certain old traditions, the story is rather re-enacted than re-presented.
The doers of An Action in creation are: Cecile Berthe, Thomas Richards, Pei Hwee Tan and Francesc Torrent Gironella

Grotowski's Constant Prince (re)viewed. A screening and re-examination with Laboratory members of this important event in twentieth century theatre.
More details
This also included an exhibition. See here for photos from the event.

Paul Allain's NSET training day on Grotowski for teachers, National Theatre, London. further details
Moscow Movement Conference - further details
For Paul Allain's keynote abstract see here

Para Active and the British Grotowski Project invite Jola Cynkutis (Poland) & Khalid Tyabji (India) to present:
A piece of theatre developed over the last year in Poland and in India with fragments of text in Polish, English, Bengali and Sanskrit.
7:30 pm Friday 26th and Saturday 27th January 2007,
and to lead a workshop:
Structured around the search for self-recognition it begins with learning precise physical elements. They aim to awaken, open up and free the whole organism – muscles, soul and voice – and therefore help it to experience in its fullest the dialogue with oneself and between oneself and the world. The work requires laboratory conditions (time and concentration). It may be structured as a launch towards performance.
Dates: 27th and 28th January 2007
Contact: info@para-active.com

Ian Morgan. Photo by  Ellie KurttzThe British Grotowski Project
A conversation with actor Ian Morgan
Thursday 22nd March 1-2 pm
Rutherford Lecture Theatre 2
University of Kent at Canterbury
Ian Morgan's Practice as Research MA thesis from the University of Kent, entitled
From source to score to performance : investigating the development and efficacy of an actor’s score of physical action, with specific reference to the rehearsal process and performance of Fever by Wallace Shawn.
is available in the University of Kent library

The British Grotowski Project at Central School in London 16 February
The British Grotowski Project presents:
"In dialogue with Grotowski - Doing not Acting":
presentations, performances and work demonstrations at:
CSSD, Central School of Speech and Drama, University of London (UK), to coincide with "How to Act" on the 16th February 2007.
With Prof Paul Allain, Dr Giuliano Campo, Pablo Pakula, Persis-Jade Maravala and Andrei Biziorek. More details

Workcenter Meeting in Turin, Italy, December 2006.
The Horizons Project









Arts Council England Click here for large version of poster designed by Krzysztof Bednarski, who designed several of Grotowski's paratheatre posters, some of which are included on this our own poster.