Freshers Ball - Bollywood Night

Get ready for an unforgettable journey to the glitzy and glamorous world of Bollywood at our much-awaited Freshers' Ball: Bollywood Night!

Step into the vibrant world of Bollywood as we transform the venue into a kaleidoscope of colors, music, and dance. The atmosphere will be charged with the infectious energy of Bollywood, promising an evening of non-stop entertainment and cultural immersion.

Dance the night away to the hottest Bollywood tracks spun by our talented DJ, blending classic hits with the latest chart-toppers.

The Freshers' Ball: Bollywood Night promises an immersive cultural experience like no other, where you can embrace the magic of Bollywood and kickstart your university journey with a night to remember. So, get ready to dance, celebrate, and create memories that will stay with you forever.

More Details to come!!

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