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Advanced snippets

These advanced snippets give publishers the ability to create more dynamic pages that are automatically updated/fed into other sources or provide consistency across your site. These snippets have been designed specially for Chronos.

Name Description
Events factory Use the sharepoint calendar, standard calendar and upcoming events snippets on your departmental website.
Carousel Information and advice on how to use the carousel snippet on your departmental website.
Case Studies A simple way to display a summary of case studies of which can be navigated to when clicked on.
Courses The Course snippets are a fantastic way to show off your courses in a clean and consistent manner. It automatically orders the courses to keep consistency between sites.
Gallery A great way to showcase photos on your web site.
Grids A more flexible system for creating Index/Landing pages.
News Summarises news from a kent blog or from a local directory. Upcoming events and a twitter feed is often a popular choice if used in a two column page.
Profiles The profile snippet allows you to create a clean and concise way to show all the information for that member of staff. More tabs can be added for different bits of information.
Testimonial A dynamic snippet which can be used to showcase important testimonials.
Videos Use these to display videos from various sources including youtube, local or streaming.


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