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We provide a variety of solutions to accommodate different areas of content.

Speak to us

If you're looking to discuss the development of a new site or project with us. You can speak with our consultants via:


There are three levels of service:

  • Basic / Self service: we set up the site structure with some top level pages, then handover to you and provide training free of charge.
  • Assisted: same as above but with additional content and image work. Charges will be detailed in an agreement using our standard charges.
  • Full: we will do all the work for you subject to our standard charges, detailed in an agreement so that you know what to expect upfront.

Charges for 2019-2020

Content Setup and training Design Development Reports and reviews
£29 p/h £29 p/h £35 p/h £42 p/h £52 p/h

If you would like to meet to discuss your needs in detail, or have any further questions, contact us.

Research projects

We can set up a site for your research project on our research portal.

If you wish to make use of this service, we encourage you to contact us for an initial meeting to discuss the project requirements. An example of a standard website that is built for you would cost around £520.