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Get set up for publishing with Dreamweaver

A checklist and guide for how to make sure your computer is ready for you to start publishing content to the Kent website

You are encouraged to work through the below list and ensure everything has been done before you attempt to follow any tutorials or guides. These guides can also be used for troubleshooting issues you may be having with your setup.

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1 - Get authorised as a web publisher

To access the servers on which you will create and edit parts of your site, you will need to be authorised for access. To do this, the person in your department with overall responsibility for the web site should contact web support and ask that you be given the necessary permissions to edit the department's website. If you do not know who this is ask your departmental administrator or IT representative or use the contact form on your departmental website.

If you are a new member of staff who is responsible for a departmental website please fill in this form to request access.

2 - Make sure you have a copy of Dreamweaver

You can simply check whether you have a copy installed by typing "Dreamweaver" in to your start menu.The current supported versions are CS6 and CC, so if you have a later copy, you may want to look in to the option of upgrading.

To get Dreamweaver installed or upgraded on your machine, please contact the IS Quality and Standards team on to buy a license.

3 - Get your site up and running in Dreamweaver

You will need to make sure that Dreamweaver knows where your files are before you can do anything. You will need to firstly map the test and live servers to drives on your computer and then secondly show dreamweaver where to look.

i. Mapping the drives

  1. Open up Explorer (Start/windows orb > My Computer).
  2. Click Map Network Drive and select any drive letter.
  3. In the space for ‘Folder’ insert \\www-pub\www-test\core\[deptgroup]\\[deptname],where[deptgroup]and [deptname] will need to be replaced with your department name (and are generally the same).
  4. Click Finish and follow the same instructions again for \\www-pub\www-live\core\[deptgroup]\\[deptname].

NOTE: If you are using a VPN, follow the same instructions as above, but add where specified below:

TEST: \\\www-test\core\[deptgroup]\\[deptname]
LIVE: \\\www-live\core\[deptgroup]\\[deptname]

ii. Set up your site in Dreamweaver

Once you have mapped the drives in Explorer you will then need to map them in Dreamweaver so that you can make and publish any changes.

  1. Open Dreamweaver and select Site > New site in the taskbar. A window will pop up with the title "Site Setup for..."
  2. Name your site with your department name and click on the folder icon to browse for a local folder.
  3. Go to My Computer, and select the www-test folder that you mapped (or //oil/wwwroot) under Network Locations. Then click Open and Select.
  4. Next go to Advanced Settings and make sure Enable Cache is checked.
  5. In order to be able to put your changes live, you need to also map the remote folder. To do this go to Servers and click the ‘+’.
  6. Name the server ‘Live’, and using the drop down menu under Connect Using, select Local/Network.
  7. Click the folder icon to browse for a server folder and select the www-live (or //castor/wwwroot) folder under Network Locations. Once again, click Open and Select
  8. In the top bar select Advanced and uncheck the 'Maintain synchronization information' option
  9. Now click Save and you will be all set to make changes to your site!

4 - Install the Chronos Snippet Pack

Snippets are the pre-made pieces of code the Kent website is built out of. All publishers will therefore need to have a copy of these installed on their local machine. Instructions on how to do so can be found here.

Once installed, you will need to restart Dreamweaver if it is already open. You should see a "Snippets" pane in the upper right hand corner of your Dreamweaver window. If you can't see it, hit Shift + F9 to bring it up.

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