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During this time your travel may be disrupted and travel providers are putting in place measures to ensure you maintain social distancing. For up to date information see our COVID-19 travel page


All employees should ensure that they are familiar with all travel-related policies and procedures. The University’s Employee Personal Expenditure Policy outlines the amounts that may be claimed by an employee wholly, exclusively and necessarily in the performance of their duties of employment.

It also has a Travel booking procedure which defines the policy for booking journeys when travelling on University business, including overnight accommodation and provides travel insurance when the correct forms have been completed. The University Regulations for the Management of Traffic should be adhered to at all times.

This page is aimed to give a brief overview of transport for University Business. At all times University Regulations, policies and procedures should be adhered to.

Campus Shuttle service between Canterbury and Medway Campuses

Staff are encouraged to use this service when travelling to and from the Canterbury and Medway campuses for University business.  Book your seat here

Organising an event or meeting which requires external visitors to park on campus

All visitors should be encouraged to use public transport where possible, because parking spaces on campus are limited.

If you are a member of staff organising an event, conference or have a visitor attending the campus for business, which will assist the University directly to operate effectively as an academic institution, they may be entitled to a free permit to park. All other visitors can park in the Pay and Display car parks located on the Canterbury campus. Visit our visitor parking webpage for more information.

Using Public Transport for UK University Business

Employees are encouraged to look at the reduced fares where practicable.  For example; Use your KentOne ID card to get cheaper bus tickets on local buses.

Where appropriate bookings should be made online using the University of Kent authorised Travel Management Company, Key Travel. For example; Travel by rail.

You can claim for any expenditure where you have paid to use Public Transport for University Business in accordance with the University’s Employee Personal Expenditure Policy.

Using your own transport (vehicle or bike) for UK University business

Employees who wish to use their own means of transport (private car, van, motorcycle, or bicycle) on University business must have general approval to do so from their Cost Centre Controller before commencing such use. Employees must ensure that their vehicle insurance policy includes use for business purposes, and provides appropriate cover in respect of everyone who may be a driver or passenger in this context [passengers should be subject to comprehensive insurance cover and have checked the University’s travel insurance policies and ensured that they are familiar with and adhere to the Driving at Work Standard]

Staff may use a private means of transport for appropriate business journeys to and from a destination within 100 miles from the employee’s main place of work or home, whichever is closer, without individual prior-approval for each and every journey.  For journeys to a destination of more than 100 miles from the main place of work or home, whichever is closer, employees should obtain specific prior approval from their Cost Centre Controller.

Opportunities to car share on official journeys should be maximized, providing the appropriate business-use insurance cover is held.  

The University offers the driver 5p/passenger/mile extra for car sharing and 20p/mile for cycling.

Hiring a car for UK University business

Where public transport is not practicable, or is very expensive, employees should consider the use of a self-drive hire car for undertaking longer business journeys. This is often a cheaper alternative to using your personal car.

Any car hire should be booked using the current University contract Car hire provider. Details can be found on the Procurement website or directly from the Purchasing Office.

Appropriate motor insurance together with all additional options including; Collision Damage Waiver and Excess Protection, should be taken out at the time of booking. The cost of re-fuelling the car can be claimed as outlined on the Employee Personal Expenditure Policy.

Normal mileage rates cannot be claimed when using a hire car and claims for expense reimbursements are limited only to the cost of fuel funded by the employee.

It is the responsibility of the hirer to ensure hire vehicles are returned in accordance with the hire company’s instructions, including areas such as the amount of fuel that is required to be in the tank, in order to avoid unnecessary penalty costs.

Using a taxi for University business

Where possible, you should use public transport. Taxis should only be used in the following instances;

  • Where there is genuinely no public transport alternative
  • If you are required to travel late at night
  • Connection times make it the only feasible option

Only short journeys should be taken in a taxi – longer journeys must be pre-approved and comparative quotes should be obtained from private hire companies.

Reinbursement of fares - Refunds must be submitted in accordance with the Employee Personal Expenditure Policy. You will need to submit a receipt and justification of the jouney.

Travel for non UK

Air, ferry, national and international rail travel should be booked using the University’s contracted Travel Management Company, Key Travel.

Bookings should only be placed with other travel agents if an overall better deal, using like for like comparisons made at the same time, can be obtained; All quotations obtained should be retained and the alternative supplier should always be tested against the University’s contracted supplier.

The University recognises that in exceptional circumstances, employees may need to book and pay for their own overseas travel arrangements, for example; where a trip has to be undertaken at very short notice. In these exceptional cases, the costs may be reclaimed as outlined in the Employee Personal Expenditure Policy.

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