Postgraduate taster courses - Tonbridge Centre

These courses are designed for anyone with the passion and motivation to develop their knowledge at an advanced level in a small group environment. There are no formal entry requirements and they do not award academic credits; they can be studied for pleasure, or as preparation and an indication of your suitability for applying for a full postgraduate qualification programme.

The Summer 2018 courses shown below are indicative of the postgraduate-level programme at Tonbridge. We are hoping to offer similar courses in the future: please email if you would like more information or to be placed on our mailing list for updates.

Art History

Neon light art sign

What makes art great and who decides? Would you like to 'understand' art and gain the confidence to critique art works?

Our short courses introduce you to the visual, critical and professional skills used by art historians in describing and analysing art.


Creative Writing

Person writing with fountain pen

Creative writing covers a broad range of writing styles, from all forms of prose and poetry to screenwriting, short stories and experimental writing.

Whatever influences you and your writing, our short courses encourage you to take control of your work and write exciting, contemporary material.



Hand taking book from library shelf

Our short courses programme includes all periods of literature from Chaucer to the Contemporary.

Make connections between cultures, genres and historical moments, and in the process, ask searching contemporary questions.


Entry requirements

There are no formal entry requirements for these short courses. If you are considering your suitability for progression to a postgraduate qualification programme, entry requirements will differ by subject, but usually require a first or upper-second class honours degree in a relevant subject.