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Mr Tony Osgood

Senior Lecturer in Intellectual Disabilities


I joined the Tizard in 2004, moving here full-time in August 2006. Prior to which I worked in the NHS as a Specialist Psychologist in Learning Disability & Challenging Behaviour within a peripatetic NHS challenging needs service. I've worked in the NHS and the private and voluntary sector, supporting staff, families and schools, senior managers and others, to support adults and young people with labels of autism, intellectual & developmental disabilities, mental health service users and others for a quarter of a century.

My interests include person centred planning, positive behaviour support, communities of practice and organisational influences on human service outcomes. I've written a number of book chapters and accessible articles.
I was promoted to Senior Lecturer in Intellectual Disabilities in 2017.


I teach on the BSc in Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities as well as the BSc in Autism. I also teach on post-graduate programmes and modules on positive behaviour support, applied behaviour analysis, intellectual disabilities and autism. From September 2017, I will be teaching on the blended learning BSc in Positive Behaviour Support and BSc in Autism Studies.

I have recently taught at the University of Verona, Italy and in Malta. I have also contributed to the Massive Open Online Course Autism with FutureLearn in 2017.. In the first run of this course, 8,000 participants took part.

I am responsible for student recruitment and give a taster session each year, giving potential students the opportunity to experience what we have to offer at Tizard.

For further information:
See my profile on Youtube

Each year the Tizard Centre offers free taster sessions of its teaching. In April 2018, Tony presented a morning on Challenging Behaviour and Positive Behaviour Support, "A short but nonetheless fairly interesting and reasonably informal guide to interventions for challenging behaviour"

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Total publications in KAR: 33 [See all in KAR]


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I consult on organisational change, team effectiveness and practice leadership, as well as providing mentorship to individuals and teams. I have consulted on positive behaviour support and person centred support.

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