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Aida Malovic

Lecturer (Maternity Cover)


Aida is a convenor for the Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities postgraduate MSc programmes and is teaching on various postgraduate and undergraduate modules at the Centre. She has worked across a number of departments and universities prior to Tizard, as a sessional lecturer over the past few years.

Aida has been involved in various research projects at Tizard, such as PAsSA, Living in Fear, y/SOTSEC collaborative and the Keep Safe project. She is also one of the developers of ARK (Autism Research at Kent) which is a collaboration set up with the School of Psychology. The aim is to develop a single identity for conducting excellent research on autism at the University of Kent. This is facilitated through the development of a website, acting as a database of willing participants in the Kent area.

Aida's ongoing PhD aims to adapt measures for adolescents with intellectual disabilities who display harmful sexual behaviours. Her academic interests include intellectual and developmental disabilities, adolescents, offending, assessments and interventions.

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Langdon, P., Murphy, G.H., Wilson, E., Shepstone, L., Fowler, D., Heavens, D., Malovic, A. & Russel, A. (2013). Asperger syndrome and anxiety disorders (PAsSA) treatment trial: a study protocol of a pilot, multicentre, single-blind, randomised crossover trial of group cognitive behavioural therapy. British Medical Journal, Open. 3, e003449.

Book Reviews:

Malovic, A. (2016). Sexuality and relationship education for children and adolescents with autism spectrum disorders: a professional's guide to understanding preventing issues. Supporting sexuality and responding to inappropriate behaviours. Edited by David Hartman. Jessica Kingsley Publishers, London 2013. Journal of Applied Research in Intellectual Disabilities, 29 592-593.
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Malovic, A. (2014). True Citizenship. Edited by Civitas Vera (2012), Tizard Learning Disability Review, 19 (3), 150-151.



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