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Becky Hardiman

PhD Student


Becky is pursuing her PhD (part-time) at the Tizard Centre as well as working as CEO of the Fragile X Society. Rebecca obtained her first-class BSc degree in Psychology at the University of Birmingham in June 2012 and was the Psychology department's nominee for the Vice Chancellor's Prize. During her study Rebecca completed a summer studentship at the Cerebra Centre for Neurodevelopmental Disorders, University of Birmingham, as well as working as an Applied Behaviour Anaylst and volunteering at Special Education Schools.Becky is also a part-time CEO of the Fragile X Society; the charity which provides information and practical guidance to support and empower individuals and families living with fragile X in the UK.

Rebecca's research interests include gene x environment interactions in behavioural phenotypes of neurodevelopmental disorders.

Rebecca is also a part-time member of the Board of Directors of the Fragile X Society; a charity which aims to promote awareness, and to support families and research into Fragile X (

Funded by Remedi, a medical research charity in the UK, Rebecca recently worked alongside Mark O'Reilly (holder of the Mollie Villeret Davis Professorship in Learning Disabilities) and his colleagues at the University of Texas, Austin, USA, in order to receive training in the experimental functional analysis methodology.


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Rebecca's PhD is focussed on the relationship between challenging behaviour and hyperarousal in individuals with Fragile X Syndrome, alongside Peter McGill and Dr Alison Bratt.

Rebecca's interests include: gene x environment interactions in behavioural phenotypes of neurodevelopmental disorders; challenging behaviours; functional analysis.

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