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Lizzie Gale

PhD Student


Lizzie is a full time PhD student at the Tizard Centre, University of Kent and was awarded the Tizard Centre’s PhD Scholarship.


Twitter: @LiziGale

Lizzie holds a First-Class Honours Degree, BSc in Autism Studies (Tizard Centre, University of Kent, 2015), where she also received the Tizard Prize for Best Undergraduate Mark for her year group. Lizzie then went on to achieve a Distinction in her MSc in Analysis and Intervention in Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (Tizard Centre, University of Kent, 2017). Lizzie has over ten years of experience supporting individuals of all ages with Autism, Asperger’s and associated Mental Health Conditions. Lizzie has worked in a variety of settings including Rehabilitation Units, Residential Care, Day Services, Outreach Support and Respite Services and is also on the Board of Directors for a ‘not for profit’ company, Sussex Services For Autism.

Lizzie’s PhD is supervised by Dr Jill Bradshaw, Professor Peter Langdon and Dr Fiona Gullon-Scott. Lizzie’s research is within the field of Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities, focusing on the female presentation of Autism Spectrum Conditions (ASC). Within both the scientific and anecdotal literature, there is a consistent theme that females with ASC may have previously been mis-diagnosed or ‘missed’. Current diagnostic tools have been developed based on the ‘male’ presentation of ASC, and therefore may not be recognising the differences between the sexes. Lizzie’s research aims to answer the specific question: What does the literature detail in terms of the main differences between males and females, boys and girls and how are current assessment tools contributing to the diagnosis/mis-diagnosis of women and girls. Furthermore, how can these tools be adapted to ensure the female phenotype of ASC is adequately assessed and identified?


Roles with Tizard:

As part of Lizzie’s scholarship, she has also undertaken the role of Editorial Assistant for the Tizard Learning Disability Review,

Other research:

Lizzie is currently working with Professor Glynis Murphy researching the experiences of individuals with Intellectual Disabilities/Autism Spectrum conditions detained under section 37/41.

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