Sex Offender Treatment Services Collaborative

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SOTSEC-ID is a collaborative group of professionals engaged in providing group treatment to men with intellectual disabilities who are at risk of sexual offending.


Training events:

SOTSEC-ID training

SOTSEC-ID facilitator training will be held on 3rd and 4th July 2019 in London. If you are interested in attending, please contact Emily.


ARMIDILO- s Training

The Assessment of Risk and Manageability of Individuals with Developmental and Intellectual Limitations who Offend (ARMIDILO-S) training will be running in 2019. If you are interested in attending, please contact Emily.


Keep Safe Group intervention

A CBT based intervention programme specifically developed for young people (12 years +) with learning disabilities who display harmful sexual behaviour(s). Keep Safe training will be running in 2019 Dates TBC. 

If you are interested in attending, please contact Emily.


Past highlights:

In September 2018, Prof Murphy, Dr Neil Sinclair and Dr Rowena Rossiter have welcomed 10 visitors from Japan, including Mayumi Howie (Prof of Psychology), Takeshi Hirai (Professor of Education), Yoko Ise (psychiatrist), Yoshiko Hashimoto (lawyer), and 4 social workers (from Nagoya child guidance centre). The group had come for further training in SOTSEC-ID and Keep Safe, as they have started running such CBT groups in Japan in the relative absence of other treatment initiatives for people with intellectual disabilities and/or autism who have harmful sexual behaviour. The group came with Masako Suzuki, who acted as Translator. Masako is also chair of the Itabashi Parents association for persons with developmental disorders.

After 3 days with Prof Murphy, Dr Rossiter & Dr Sinclair, the group also visited the Prison Reform Trust (to meet with Jenny Talbot) and met with Respond. Finally on Friday, Prof Murphy accompanied them to Oxleas NHS Trust to meet with facilitators of SOTSEC-ID groups and some experts by experience.

Sep 2018 visit

Sep 2018 visit


We would like to welcome Emily our new SOTSEC-ID and ySOTSEC-ID assistant. She is joining our team and we look forward to you meeting her in due time at our training events. Aida and Clare are still with us, and will carry on contributing towards the collaborative, do get in touch with them directly if you are interested in, or would like to be involved in their PhD projects.

We are delighted to announce that Professor Glynis Murphy was awarded the MB Shapiro award 2013. This is presented by the British Psychological Society Division of Clinical Psychology in recognition of a clinical psychologist who has achieved eminence in the profession and has had significant impact on the knowledge and practice of British clinical psychology.

SOTSEC team delivered training in Japan

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