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Each academic year we have a series of research seminars. This year lectures will take place at 17:00-18:00 hrs and will be held in Grimond Lecture Theatre 3 at the University of Kent, Canterbury.

The seminars are free and open to all - students, staff and external visitors are warmly invited to attend. Please note that events may be subject to change. The next series of seminars for the academic year 2018/19 will be posted shortly.

Wednesday 24 October 2018 - Dr Michelle McCarthy, Tizard Centre
My Marriage, My Choice was a two year study, funded by the National Institute for Health Research - School of Social Care Research (NIHR-SSCR).

Wednesday 21 November 2018 - Dr Rebecca Hardiman, completed her PhD at the Tizard Centre and is CEO of the Fragile X Society
"Challenging behaviour in Fragile X Syndrome: Investigating its Environmental and Physiological Influences" 
Recording of Dr Hardiman's talk

Wednesday 23 January 2019 -
Dr Katrina Scior "Challenging stigma associated with intellectual disability"
Dr Scior's research seeks to look at and better understand the stigma and prejudice faced by people with intellectual disabilities and their families and to identify effective interventions in reducing such stigma in different social and cultural contexts.

Wednesday 20 February 2019 - Bethan Mair Williams "Integrating speech and language therapy with Applied Behaviour Analysis: an overview of current British initiatives and research"
CEU Event Bethan has worked for many years as a speech and language therapist, her speciality is working with individuals with intellectual impairment. Her main areas of interest are PECS, Precision Teaching, Direct Instructions and TAGteach. Attendance to this event is free but if you wish to obtain a CEU there will be a charge of £5. Registration for this part of the event is via the University of Kent online store.

In this presentation, Bethan will discuss how behaviour analysts and speech and language therapists can (and do) work productively together. There will be an overview of what particular aspects of each discipline can be combined and why there are occasionally certain differences of opinion.

She will review some of the many research projects she has been involved in over the last decade and the development of the Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists’ (RCSLT) Clinical Excellence Network (CEN) for SLTs with an interest in ABA, which she co-founded two years ago, with significant input and support from the ABAI SIG Speech Pathology & Behavior Analysis (SPABA). There will be an overview of the aims of the CEN in bringing these two disciplines closer.

Bethan Mair Williams is both a speech and language therapist and a board certified behaviour analyst (BCBA), one of only three dually qualified individuals in the UK. She was the first person in the UK to achieve both qualifications.
Bethan has worked as a speech and language therapist in the British public health sector for over 20 years. Her clinical specialism is intellectual impairment, and throughout her career, she has worked with a wide range of people of all abilities and ages. She is able to work through the medium of English, Welsh (the language spoken by the majority of people in North Wales, where she lives), and French, as she completed a French and Linguistics degree prior to training as a speech and language therapist.

Bethan and her husband have two teenaged children, one of whom has both communication difficulties and Type 1 diabetes. The application of behavioural strategies to address her daughter’s needs in both of these areas has yielded significant positive outcomes.

Because of her interest in PECS, a behavioural communication system, in 2006 Bethan enrolled on the MSc in ABA course at Bangor University, North Wales, which was at that time, the only Master’s in ABA programme in Europe. In 2013, she achieved BCBA status. Her main areas of interest are PECS, Precision Teaching, Direct Instruction and TAGteach. She has spent most of her public sector career training and coaching classroom assistant in special schools how to use these behavioural interventions.

Bethan has worked independently since 2015, and now provides consultancy services to education authorities, private sector schools, charities and individual families both in the UK and abroad. Additionally she supervises a number of individuals both in the UK and abroad preparing to take the Behavior Analyst Certification Board exam to become a BCBA. She is an honorary research officer at Bangor University, where she has also co-supervised thirteen MSc in ABA research projects. She is also employed by Queen’s University, Belfast, as an MSc in ABA research supervisor. In 2016, Bethan established the Clinical Excellence Network for speech and language therapists with an interest in ABA. This is registered with the Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists and currently has 58 members, having grown from 2 members to this number in the 2 years since it was established.   

Jim Mansell Memorial Lecture 2019 - Friday 15 March 2019 Prof Tom Shakespeare

Previous seminars included:

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Prof Sally-Ann Cooper - "Health of people with intellectual disabilities"  View the recording of the lecture.
Dr Allyn Thomas - "Worthiness and the response of police to mental illness"
Prof Peter Langdon - "An evaluation of the Transforming Care Programme - progress towards discharging people with intellectual and other developmental disabilities from hospital" 
Dr Corinna Grindle - "We can teach you that too! Using behaviour analysis to teach reading, maths and writing to children with autism"
Prof Rachel Forrester-Jones & Dr Magali Barnoux - "Memories, Moments and Mannequins: clothes and fashion and the changing world of learning disabilities" Watch this seminar
Dr David Oliver - Palliative care and end of life care for people with ID - the latest ideas" Watch the seminar
Dr Precious Sango - "Spirituality and People with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities: comparing the significance of spirituality in faith and non-faith based care services" Watch the Seminar
Prof Angela Hassiotis - "Service level delivery of postive behaviour support: what does the evidence suggest?"
Prof Glynis Murpy "What happens to ex-offenders with learning disabilities after leaving prison" Slide presentation pdf
Dr Nicola Grove "Sharing stories of personal experience: collaborating to create meanings" Slide presentation pdf
Dr Allyn Thomas "Mad, bad or sad: the use and abuse of police powers to detain the mentally disordered" Slide presentation pdf
Prof Ruth Northway & Colleagues "Looking into abuse: research by people with learning disabilities Youtube
Vivien Cooper, OBE, CEO of the Challenging Behaviour Foundation "People with learning disabilities whose behaviour challenges: progress and priorities" (Jim Mansell Memorial Lecture)
Prof Peter McGill - "Preventing challenging behaviour of adults with complex needs in supported accommodation"



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