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Intellectual Disability Research Network

This project was funded by the European Commission Framework 5 (Accompanying Measures) Programme. The network is at present made up of 7 nations, co-ordinated by the Tizard Centre at University of Kent at Canterbury (Julie Beadle-Brown, Paul Cambridge and Rachel Forrester-Jones). The other partner states are University of Siegen in Germany (Johannes Schädler and Norbert Schwarte, Centre for Planning and Evaluation of Social Services), Uppsala University in Sweden (Kent Ericsson), Universidad de Cadiz in Spain (Luis Salvador-Carulla), University of Groningen in the Netherlands (Carla Vlaskamp), University of Ghent in Belgium (Geert VanHove), and Aristotle University of Thessaloniki in Greece (Susana Padeliadu).

The aim of this project is to establish a European network of researchers working on the social and health care of people with intellectual disabilities and through this network to:

  • create shared definitions of the needs and characteristics of individual service users
  • develop a shared and consistent terminology for describing service components and organisation
  • foster shared conceptual frameworks and understanding of the processes involved in service development across the EU
  • disseminate and extend expertise in the use of different measures of need, user characteristics, quality of care and service organisation
  • identify overall goals and a strategy for cross-national multi-disciplinary research on intellectual disability,
    establish collaborative projects between the partners, including both research and teaching

The first meeting of the network was held in Siegen in January 2001 (funded by the University of Siegen), and the second meeting in Barcelona in April 2002 funded by (the Catalan government and the European Commission Framework 5 programme). The working papers from the Barcelona conference will shortly be available on-line and initial synthesis of the discussions on each topic will be presented at the Inaugural European Conference of the International Society for the Scientific Study of Intellectual Disabilities in Dublin, 12-15th June 2002.

Further meetings of the network were held in Ghent and Siegen.
This project is now completed and the working papers from these meetings are available here and can also be found in Tizard Learning Disability Review (Jan 2004) Volume 9 (1) European Issue. The Network, however, continues to exist and is now co-ordinated by the University of Siegen.

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