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About teaching rooms

This page is intended as an introduction to the types and sizes of teaching rooms available at the Canterbury campus.

Types of room

Lecture theatres

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Lecture theatres have fixed rows of seating, and are often but not always, raked so the back rows are higher than the front. Most lecture theatres have writing benches, but the Cinema has retractable writing flaps in the chair arms. While they are called lecture theatres RLT2 and DLT3 are actually class rooms. The smallest lecture theatre is SLT2 with 41 seats, the largest is W-LT with 471.



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Classrooms have rows of furniture facing the room’s teaching wall. Most classrooms have chairs and desks but DLT3 and the Peter Brown room have chairs with attached writing flaps. Classrooms are generally referred to as seminar rooms in their names, for example Keynes Seminar room 15. Canterbury campus classrooms are between 30 and 50 seats.


Seminar rooms

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Seminar rooms have furniture arranged facing inwards around a table with teaching facilities on one or more walls. They are generally used for seminars and other discussion-based learning and are the preferred room format for meetings. The central Canterbury campus seminar rooms are for 30 or fewer.


Group rooms

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Group rooms have a number of tables with chairs around them, supporting several discussion groups. Currently the only group style rooms on Canterbury campus are KS20 which has a capacity of 30 at five tables of six, and CHSR5 which has a capacity of 48 at eight tables of six. The Eliot Kennedy room and Rutherford Rogers room also have group tables in part of the room.


Digital classrooms

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There are currently two digital classrooms located in the Templeman Library on the Canterbury Campus. These provide an opportunity to deliver seminars to a group of up to 24 students in a digitally interactive manner.


Computer rooms

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A number of computer rooms on campus are used for classes; eight of these are centrally controlled: COPC1, CSPC1 in Cornwallis, CEPC1 and CEPC2 in Cornwallis Easte, ECT1 in Eliot, KSA1 in Keynes and SIBPC1 and SIBPC2 in Sibson. When not in use for teaching these rooms are available for students to use on a drop-in basis.


Canterbury teaching rooms by size and type

Lecture theatres Classrooms Digital Classrooms Seminar rooms Computer rooms Group rooms Total
12-16 22 22
17-20   23 1 24
21-30 1 2 32 3 1 39
31-50 1 14 2 2 1 20
51-100 10 2 2 14
101-200 11 11
201+ 6 6
Grand Total 28 17 2 79 8 2 136


Medway teaching rooms by size and type

Lecture theatres Classrooms Seminar rooms Computer rooms Group rooms Total
17-20   2   2
21-30 5 8 3 2 18
31-50   4   2 4 10
51-100 1 4   5
101-200 1 1 2
201+ 2 2
Grand Total 4 14 10 5 6 39


Not all rooms are available outside normal teaching time as the buildings they are in are locked from 6pm and at weekends.


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