Timetabling Office

On-line Timetable Information System (OTIS)

The on-line timetable information system gives Kent staff read access to the timetables via a web browser.

The purpose of the tool is to facilitate the review of the timetable for the current year and, when approriate, for the following academic year whilst still under development.

  • The new version of the Reporting Services software means OTIS now works in more web browsers than before.
  • If you are asked to login, you must precede your login with UKC\ and then use your network password.
  • Accessing OTIS from off campus requires that you connect with VPN.See the Information services page for details.
  • The full version user guide is available to the right in the top link. The 'quick fixes' document gives details about viewing a timetable by Programme of Study (POS) as well as how to show selected modules on the same grid regardless of POS (stacking modules). It also explains how to find out which modules are a popular choice in combination with a selected module.


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