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Posted on 20th October 2020 by Timetabling Office


Flat Floor Spaces.

Societies who require a flat floor space for the second half of the autumn term can submit an application from Wednesday 21st October 2020 until Sunday 25th October 2020 using the flat-floor booking form available on the Kent Union website. These spaces are in high demand and Kent Union will allocate spaces to ensure that fair access is achieved.

General Bookings.

Student socieities wishing to book centrally timetabled space for their events taking place from Monday 9th November - Friday 18th December can make submissions using the student society booking form from Monday 26th October. Bookings can only be made for dates up until Friday 18th December 2020.

Access to both forms is based on a list provided by the Kent Union Student Activities Team, if you don't have access and should do, please contact them by email at kentunion@kent.ac.uk.

All student society bookings are subject to the society terms and conditions.

Society booking list

Authorised members of a society can also access an online booking list showing the bookings the society has made through the Timetabling office. The list updates overnight and does not show any outstanding or uncomfirmed requests or any bookings made for space not controlled by the Timetabling office.


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