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Preparation of the timetable for the forthcoming academic year is a year long ongoing process overseen by the timetable planner. Each academic school has a timetable manager or administrator who relays requests between teaching staff and the timetabling office; this ensures that an overview of the timetable status is maintained at school level and all appropriate information is provided to the Timetabling office, academics and students.

The timetabling year

There are a number of deadlines for academic staff to check or submit information to ensure that the development of timetable can proceed smoothly and meeting all requirements. This information is coordinated by the school timetable manager who will inform their academics of their deadlines and proceedures.


  • Confirmation of modules running each term the following academic year.
  • Providing teaching constraints, that is any times staff may not be available for teaching.


  • Providing details of the contact hours of each module; the types of events and the weeks they are running.
  • Providing predicted student numbers for each module or subgroup.
  • Providing any equipment requirements for events.


  • Checking of numbers and details of events in each module.
  • Checking student numbers based on actual registration of stage 2 and 3 modules and predicted numbers of stage 0 and 1 modules.
  • Checking for any clashes or constraint violations.
  • Checking room requirements.


  • Final check of timetable details. Only urgent changes can be accommodated at this stage.


  • Final check of Spring timetable room allocations.
The diagram below summarises the timetable process.

University of Kent Timetabling Process


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