UN813: Developing as a Research Degree Supervisor

Level: Masters

Credits: 15

Convenor: Dr Fragkiskos Filippaios

Entry requirements:

You should have current or prior experience of undertaking research student supervision at PhD level or for a Masters degree by research, whether alone or as part of a supervisory team.  If you are unclear about your eligibility or have any queries regarding the module, please contact the module convenor.

Module outline: This module offers supervisors, whether new to the role or more experienced, the opportunity to develop and enhance their understanding of the supervision process and their own supervisory skills. Participants will explore models of supervision, the policy and regulatory context, and the ways in which students can best be supported through the process of becoming, and being recognised as, independent researchers.  The module also provides a forum for the discussion and resolution of problems encountered in supervisory work, with contributions from experienced supervisors in different disciplines. Indicative topics include: international and disciplinary conceptions of the research degree; the training and skills agendas; the supervisory relationship; academic and pastoral support for a diverse student body; assessment and the examination process.

Subject specific learning outcomes

  • Articulate an informed understanding of the varied aims of doctoral programmes and the range of practices relevant to their own field. PGCHE A1, B1, B2, B3, C1, C3, C4, C8, D2;  UKPSF A5, K1, K3, V3, V4.
  • Evaluate critically approaches to teaching and supervising research students and the extent to which these support educational attainment and/or professional development. PGCHE A1-A6, B1, B2, C1-C5, C8, D1, D3; UKPSF A1, A2, A4, K1, K2, K3, V1, V3, V4.3. Evaluate critically approaches to monitoring and assessing student progress and attainment on research programmes, including examination. PGCHE A5, B1, B3, C6, C8; UKPSF A3, K5, K6, V3, V4.

Generic learning outcomes

  • Reflect critically on their current practice and future development as a supervisor.  PGCHE A4, A6, C5, D1, D3, D4; UKPSF A5, V3, V4.

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