Regulations for Research Programmes of Study

Annex 1: Special Provision for Members of Staff of the University

1. Introduction

In order to be eligible to submit a thesis for the award of a research degree, candidates must be registered as postgraduate students of the University for the minimum period as stated in the regulations and pay the published fees. Members of staff of the University who satisfy the eligibility criteria set out below may apply through the Graduate School for a reduction in the period of registration and to have part or all of the fees waived. This route will be used by existing staff members who wish to submit work for a research degree wholly by published works.

2. Scope and applicability

2.1 Candidates may register for the degree of PhD by research.

2.2 All candidates under these provisions will be subject to the Regulations for Research Programmes of Study, except as otherwise stipulated under the provisions outlined in this annex.

3. Eligibility

Members of staff may submit an application to reduce the period of registration and to have their fees reduced or waived, provided that:

3.1 their appointment is at least half-time and is for at least one year and that they are in such employment at the time of submission,


3.2 that they have worked for the University for, on average, at least 300 hours per year in the current year and in two previous years,


3.3 that they have undertaken part-time teaching for, on average, at least three hours per week in the current year and in two previous years.

3.4 That they have a significant current body of published works.

4. Registration and Supervision

4.1 The relevant Head of School should approve an application by a member of staff and is responsible for the appointment of a supervisor, or in the case of a senior member of staff with a record of successful research publications, an academic advisor to co-ordinate the examination process.

4.2 As candidates are expected to have achieved a significant body of research a reduction in the registration period will be applicable but the minimum period of registration period which will be permitted under these special provisions by the Pro Vice-Chancellor (Research) is three months.

4.3 The supervisor and the candidate will be subject to the University’s Code of Practice for the Quality Assurance for Research Programmes of Study. The supervisor or academic advisor appointed will be responsible for considering whether the candidate requires any further training during the period of registration.

5. Examination

5.1 The submission of published books for examination should form a coherent description of a unified body of research and should be accompanied by a statement indicating the aims of the research and discussing the main results and conclusions.

In addition to the published works, candidates are required to submit a summary and supporting statement of up to 12,000 words that:

  • provides an introduction and places the work in context;
  • gives emphasis to significant findings and conclusions;
  • establishes the linking hypothesis between the various topics covered by the published works;
  • creates a theoretical framework or integrates theory relevant to the published works;
  • indicates, in the case of work submitted under joint authorship, the contribution made by the candidate;
  • any material which the candidate has previously presented and which has been accepted for the award of an academic qualification at this University or elsewhere must be clearly identified in the thesis. Such material will be ignored by the examiners in deciding whether the candidate is worthy of the award of a degree.

5.2 Where multi-authored works are included in the submission, candidates are required to submit evidence of their individual contribution to the work. A signed statement(s) should be provided from the co-authors, detailing and confirming the candidate’s contribution to the work.

5.3 The published works should be timely and current as determined by academic judgement and the submission, as a whole, is expected to meet the criteria for the award of the degree as specified in the Regulations for Research Programmes of Study. Candidates should discuss with their supervisor or academic advisor the suitability of their work for the award in question prior to submission.

5.4 The work submitted will be examined by one Internal and two External Examiners (following the procedure outlined in Annex L (Internal and External Examiners) of the Code of Practice for the Quality Assurance for Research Programmes of Study.

5.5 Submissions for research degrees based on Published Works will be examined in accordance with the Regulations for Research Degrees.
The examiners may recommend:

(a) The award of the degree;

(b) The award of the degree subject to specific revisions of the summary and supporting statement within three months of examination;

(c) That the degree has not been successfully completed but the student can be given a fallback award of MPhil.

The work submitted for examination should be bound in accordance with the Instructions to Candidates for the Examination of Research Degrees.

6. Application Process

Members of staff who intend to register in accordance with these Special Provisions are required to apply via the Graduate School.

7. Additional Guidance

The following guidance information is available on the Quality Assurance Office website:

Regulations for Research Programmes of Study: Annex 1
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