Credit Framework for Taught Programmes

Annex 8: Viva Voce Examinations

Information for Students, Teachers and Examiners

(Approved by Senate on 28 November 2001 and including all revisions up to September 2019)

  1. Viva voce examination remains an option that might be used to assist with the classification of students who first registered on a taught postgraduate programme of study prior to 2019-20.
  2. Its use has been withdrawn as part of the regulatory changes introduced with respect to undergraduate students who first registered in 2011-12 or thereafter. Therefore, viva voce examination may not be used for the purpose of determining the classification of candidates for undergraduate sub-degree awards (i.e. undergraduate certificates, undergraduate diplomas or foundation degrees) whose first registration for the programme in question was in 2011-12 or thereafter.
  3. Students who fall under paragraph 1 above shall be required to make themselves available for viva voce examinations following completion of their programme of study.
  4. Where a viva voce examination is held for a proportion, but only a proportion, of the candidates, the criteria for the selection of candidates, the purpose of the viva and the scope of the panel of viva voce examiners’ decision shall be agreed with the External Examiner.
  5. A viva voce examination shall normally be conducted by one or more External Examiners who may be assisted by one or more Internal Examiners. Where more than one academic discipline is involved, the Board of Examiners for each discipline concerned shall be consulted concerning the composition of the panel of viva voce examiners and shall have the right to nominate an Internal Examiner to be present.
  6. A candidate selected for a viva voce examination shall be informed in advance of the discipline to be examined and, at the discretion of the Board of Examiners, may be informed of the particular modules involved.
  7. A viva voce examination shall be used only to confirm or raise the mark for an individual module or to confirm or raise the classification of the award.

Further Information

See the guidance on Viva Voce Examinations for information on the conduct and intent of such examinations.

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