Credit Framework for Taught Programmes

Annex 14: Procedures for Periods of Study Abroad

Information for Students, Teachers and Examiners

(Approved by Senate June 2018 and published September 2019)

1. Introduction

Where Kent students undertake a period of study at a higher education institution outside of the UK the following procedures will govern student completion of and progression from periods of study abroad and the award of credit for such studies1.

i) Students must take a full-time load (as defined by the host institution) during the period of study abroad.

ii) Achieving passes in at least two-thirds of the credits2 taken as part of the FT load will be regarded as sufficient for a pass of the period abroad.

Such passes must:

ii.i) be confirmed by the official transcript of the partner provider; and,
ii.ii) where relevant, include passes for any modules for which a pass is required by a PSRB with respect to the student’s programme of study at Kent3.

iii) Students who pass at least one-third of the required credits and, where relevant, achieve passes for any modules for which a pass is required by a PSRB, but who do not meet the two-thirds threshold, or students who pass at least two-thirds of the credits but do not pass all modules for which a pass is required by a PSRB, will not automatically be recorded as a fail, but will be required to retrieve the failure by undertaking a further piece (or pieces) of assessment at Kent sufficient to redeeming the failure of the period abroad. The format of the retrieval can be decided by the assessing School, but the additional assessment(s) will test the achievement of the relevant learning outcomes;

iii.i) except where the failure outlined at iii above includes the failure of any modules for which a pass is required by a PSRB, the format of the retrieval exercise should normally consist of a single piece of assessment designed to test the achievement of the relevant programme learning outcomes.

iv) Students who pass less than one-third of the credits required by the partner provider will be deemed to have failed the period abroad.  

v) If students pass the additional assessment(s) set as per iii above, a pass will be recorded for the period abroad.

vi) If students fail the additional assessment(s) set as per iii above, a fail will be recorded for the period abroad

vii) Where students fail the period abroad they will be eligible for the appropriate alternative exit award, or may transfer to an appropriate degree without a period abroad (Nb. see point viii below).

viii) Where documented concessionary circumstances exist that prevent the student from successfully completing the period of study abroad requirements, as per points i - iii above, the student will be eligible for the appropriate alternative exit award4, or may transfer to an appropriate degree without a period abroad, or may be offered a deferral opportunity to repeat the whole period abroad as if for the first time.

viii.i) Opportunities for deferral should be offered only where the Board of Examiners is confident that the circumstances that prevented completion at the initial attempt have been mitigated and that it would, therefore, be reasonable to assume that the deferral attempt would be successful. Where such opportunities are offered, the students concerned should be consulted about whether or not they wish to take up the opportunity before the deferral decision is confirmed. Students should normally undertake the deferred repeat period of study before they progress to the final stage of the programme of study in question. Students who wish to defer the opportunity for a repeat period of study abroad until after they have completed the final stage of their programme may only do so with the permission of the School and should be made aware that they will not be able to graduate prior to the completion of, or withdrawal from, that repeated stage.

ix) There will be no compensation, no condonement, and no concessionary adjustment of any marks awarded by the partner provider.

x) Credit awarded will be on a pass/fail basis;

xi) Where the period abroad takes the form of a work placement or placements rather than in study at a HEI, the arrangements for assessment, completion and progression will be as set out in the relevant module/programme specification.


1. These procedures do not apply to Kent students studying outside of the UK as part of an arrangement for the award of a joint/dual degree or when studying on a programme of study delivered at an approved International Study Centre.
2. Kent’s standard threshold for progression is for the achievement of 75% of the credits required for the stage. The alternative requirement for the achievement of two-thirds of the FT load for the period abroad has been selected, as this ratio is more applicable to the pattern of module credits most typically offered by partner providers.
3. See Annex S of the Code of Practice for Taught Programmes of Study at
https://www.kent.ac.uk/teaching/qa/codes/taught/annexs.html for information on engaging with PSRBs.
4. See https://www.kent.ac.uk/teaching/qa/credit-framework/creditinfoannex5.html

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