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London Contemporary Dance School

London Contemporary Dance School offers vocational training in dance at the highest level. Our reputation is based on the excellence and rigour of our teaching, the extensive professional experience of our staff, and our state-of-the-art facilities.

We offer practical, studio-based work alongside complementary studies throughout our courses. Students get the chance to perform works made by the most up-to-the-minute choreographers, or to choreograph work themselves. We offer the very best facilities in a stimulating environment.

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Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Contemporary Dance
Postgraduate Diploma/Master of Arts in Contemporary Dance
MA Screendance

Validated From:



School of Arts



Academic School Liaison Officer

Dr Roanna Mitchell

Deputy Chair of Board of Examiners

Clare Connor

External Examiner

BA - Dr Karen Wood
PG Dip/MA - Dr Fiona Bannon
MA Screendance - Dr Heike Salzer

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Institutional Address

London Contemporary Dance School
17 Duke's Road

020 7387 0161

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Programme Modules
BA (Hons) in Contemporary Dance
Programme Specification from September 2015
Programme Specification from September 2017
  Stage 1
UGCD40 - Ballet in Context 1
UGCD41 - Composition
UGCD42 - Dance Technique and Performance 1
UGCD43 - Design for Performance
UGCD44 - Fundamental Approaches to Movement
UGCD45 - Improvisation 1
UGCD46 - Introduction to Critical Studies
Stage 2
Compulsory Modules
UGCD502 - Ballet in Context 2
UGCD503 - Critical Interdisciplinary Studies
UGCD506 - Dance Technique and Performance 2
UGCD508 - Improvisation 2
UGCD510 - Music and Choreography
UGCD512 - Partnerwork
UGCD513 - Introduction to Professional Studies and Negotiated Project
Optional Modules (Students must select three of the following)
UGCD501 - Advanced Choreology
UGCD507 - Design Project
UGCD509 - Independent Choreographic Project
UGCD511 - Music Technology
UGCD505 - Dance and Technology
UGCD504 - Dance Analysis
UGCD514 - Contemporary Dance Repertory
UGCD515 - Site-Specific Performance
UGCD516 - Introduction to Teaching
Stage 3
Compulsory Modules
UGCD36 - Negotiated Project
Optional Modules Students must select one from the following:
UGCD600 - Collaborations: Choreography
UGCD601 - Collaborations: Interpreters
  Optional Modules Students must choose two from the following:
  UGCD31 - Interarts
  UGCD32 - Improvisation into Performance
  UGCD34 - Repertory
  UGCD602 - Devised Work
  UGCD604 - Professional Placement Option
MA/PG Dip in Contemporary Dance
Programme Specification from September 2016
Programme Specification from September 2019
  LCDSPG7 - Choreography: Extended Project
LCDSPG8 - Choreography: Group
LCDSPG9 - Choreography: Solo
LCDSPG10 - Choreography: Workshop
LCDSPG11 - Dissertation: Practice as Research
LCDSPG12 - Dissertation: Reflections on Practice
LCDSPG13 - Dissertation Written
LCDSPG14 - Improvisation into Performance
LCDSPG15 - Performance 1
LCDSPG16 - Performance 2
LCDSPG17 - Performance 3
LCDSPG18 - Professional Performance Practices
LCDSPG19 - Projection in Performance
LCDSPG20 - Research Lab (compulsory for MA)
LCDSPG21 - Screendance
LCDSPG22 - Somatics
LCDSPG23 - Sound and Music Technology
LCDSPG24 - Studio-based Techniques: Ballet
LCDSPG25 - Studio-based Techniques: Cunningham-based
LCDSPG26 - Studio-based Techniques: Limon-based
LCDSPG27 - Studio-based Techniques: Doublework
LCDSPG28 - Studio-based Techniques: Floor-based
LCDSPG29 - Studio-based Techniques: Release-based
LCDSPG30 - Teaching Practice 1
LCDSPG31 - Teaching Practice 2
LCDSPG32 - Teaching Practice 3
LCDSPG33 - Yoga
LCDSPG34 - Aikido
LCDSPG35 - Performance Lab
LCDSPG36 - Rehearsal Direction - Portfolio
LCDSPG37 - Rehearsal Direction - Professional Practice
  LCDSPG38 - Costume: Design and Construction Skills 1
  LCDSPG39 - Costume: Design and Construction Skills 2
  LCDSPG40 - Costume: Design and Construction Skills 3
  LCDSPG41 - Costume Supervision
MA Screendance
Programme Specification
  Stage 1
  Compulsory Modules
  LCDSPG60 Screendance Integrated Practice
  LCDSPG61 Screendance Theories, Histories and Current Issues
  LCDSPG62 Presenting Screendance Work
  LCDSPG63 Professional Portfolio
  Optional Modules
  LCDSPG64 Work-Based Learning
  LCDSPG19 Projection in Performance
  LCDSPG23 Sound and Music Technology
  Stage 2
  Compulsory Module
  LCDSPG65 Dissertation


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  • BA (Hons) in Contemporary Dance
  • MA/PG Dip in Contemporary Dance

All programmes are subject to the University's conventions as expressed in the Credit Framework


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