Assessment and Feedback

Level Descriptors

Level descriptors provide a starting point for the design of learning outcomes within programmes, modules and assessments by setting out the 'nature and characteristics of the main qualification at each level in higher education'. The intended learning outcomes for a programme are evidenced by the intended learning outcomes within modules which are in turn evidenced by learning outcomes assessed throughout the module, i.e. in individual assessments. In other words, well planned and carefully written learning outcomes can be appropriate for a module or for assessments. By setting learning outcomes at an appropriate level and by using these to design consistent assessment learning outcomes, a coherent curriculum and assessment structure can be provided which will:

  • Show students how assessments and modules develop their knowledge and skills through the progressive stages of a programme.
  • Provide staff with a framework of why certain assessments are being done, and how to grade work consistently.

The exemplars tab shows level descriptors (as specified in Annex 2 of the Credit Framework) and sample learning outcomes for each level.


For further information about assessment, curriculum design, programme assessment mapping, academic integrity or the Learning and Teaching Network, contact the curriculum development team.


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