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Sustainability Champions

Sustainability Champions are staff volunteers who are the leads within their department for sustainability action. They are the catalysts for change and bring people together to embed the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals into their department's activites.

A Sustainability Champion is, “An individual who seeks to lead change in an organisation to transform that organisation into a smarter, more successful, and more sustainable enterprise. This individual may exist at any level within an organisation and in any type of organisation, from the Chief Executive Officer to administrative assistant, from Mayor to city staffer, from university president to student leader.” The Sustainability Dictionary

At the University of Kent our Sustainability Champions are a vital part of our delivery of sustainability actions and under the overarching FutureProof project, and since 2010 have delivered thousands of actions and ideas to help Kent improve its sustainability.   

There are currently over 60 champions from across the University which make up the Sustainability Champions Network, who are all volunteers who fit in their sustainability activities alongside their usual roles.

You can find out who your champion is by clicking the link on the right. If your department does not yet have a champion it may be that you might be interested in taking this role on yourself. Please take a look at the role description and get in touch with sustainability team

Picture of Lynne Regan, Sustainability Champion

Medway Student Services have been involved in green initatives at the University since 2010. Having something like this to work on together gives us permission to get away from our desks and enjoy something separate from our jobs once in a while.

Lynne Regan, Sustainability Champion

What does a Sustainability Champion do?

 1. Distribute key sustainability resources and information to their department from the sustainability team. 

 2. Coordinate the department’s actions taken embedding the Sustainable Development Goals into its activities. 

3. Promote sustainability to colleagues and where applicable students.

4. Engage with the Sustainability Champions Network. 

5. Report progress from your department by writing case studies, blogs and taking pictures of activities.

6. Attend workshops and celebration events. 

Leading Change at Kent

Sustainability Champions are catalysts for change, could you support your department in becoming more sustainable?

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