Student Sustainability Groups

Student Sustainability Groups

Join students across campus fighting for sustainability causes

Sustainability Network

Working within Kent Union to drive forward sustainability policy and support a network of like minded students and groups.

The Sustainability Network

The Sustainability Network is made up of committee members and a chair. The aim is to put sustainable policies through Kent Union and uphold the university to its promises and commitments to the Environment so far. The Network also supports all suitability focused groups on and off campus as we work towards the same goals. To find and more and have your say please follow us on social media.   

Student actions on campus

Taking actions against the climate crisis

Key links and information

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    Build skills

    Organising events, creating content, hosting talks and more. Build up your portfolio of skills by volunteering with a group.

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    Learn more about sustainability

    Build your knowledge on the biggest global issues and become an advocate for sustainability.

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    Meet like minded people

    Make new friends and connections with people who share your values.