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Student Digital Ambassador

Do you want to support Sustainabilty at Kent and use your voice to advocate for sustainable action? Volunteer as a Digital Sustainability Ambassador with the University of Kent Sustainability Team and gain employability points and skills in sustainability communications.

The Sustainability Team have come up with a list of online actions that students can complete and receive employability points for (as listed below).

We are looking for students that can help us tell the story of sustainability and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to their fellow students. This could be educating on a particular sustainability issue, publicising something going on on campus, or just showcasing something you are interested in. You could highlight a particular SDG or write a series of articles or posts about all 17.

All students are able to participate, all we ask is that you are interested in sustainability and have something to share or have researched the topic thoroughly beforehand.

To take part all you need to do is:

1: Complete one (or more!) of the actions below

2: Make sure the resource you have created is accurate and engaging

3: Send in what you have done to the sustainability team for proofing

4: When ready for publishing the team will do this for you and can record your points


  • Create an instagram post for our grid and/or story (5 points)
  • Submit a photograph you have taken on campus that represents sustainability with a caption (5 points)
  • Write a blog about a fully researched sustainability topic (or a series of blogs) (10 points per blog)
  • Write a review about something! (This could be film around a sustainability issue or a product that has helped you change a behaviour) (10 points)
  • Create a vlog about incorporating a new sustainability behaviour into your lifestyle (15 points)
  • Share a low carbon recipe (5 points)
  • Showcase how a student can contribute to the SDGs (10points)

If you need help, have any questions or have any ideas please get in touch with the team at sustainability@kent.ac.uk 

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