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About Study Plus

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    Enhance your knowledge, learn new skills and improve your CV with Study Plus
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    Study Plus courses are a great way to earn Employability Points which can be exchanged for some amazing rewards including internships, work shadowing, vouchers and much much more...
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    Study Plus is part of the Kent Extra range of activities available to University of Kent students

Study Plus

Step outside your main area of study and try something different.

Extend your skills with extra courses at no extra cost.


Study Plus in Brief
Study Plus is a range of short-term, non-credit-bearing courses which can improve your employability skills, develop your personal creativity or expand your cultural and academic knowledge. Free to students registered on an existing Kent programme, Study Plus builds your key transferable skills alongside your main subject specialism.

The Study Plus scheme started in January 2014 and is part of the Kent Extra range of activites available to University of Kent students.
Study Plus enhances your student experience through providing a chance to learn new skills alongside your degree.

Study Plus courses are noncredit-bearing; but, you will be eligible for Employability Points and attendance at Study Plus courses can appear on your Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR).

Study Plus Ethos

  • Study Plus is a key means of enhancing the Kent student experience through providing additional learning opportunities outside the confines of credit-bearing modules or any specific degree discipline
  • Study Plus assists students in building key transferable skills alongside their main subject specialisms
  • Study Plus may also be a useful taster mechanism for schools to attract students to disciplines which they may not otherwise have studied and to recruit students to postgraduate courses
  • There is no restriction on eligibility to join Study Plus Courses. UG and PG students at all stages are eligible. Individual students attending multiple courses will be monitored and advised appropriately should there be any concerns surrounding registrations for Study Plus encroaching on credit-bearing priorities.
  • Study Plus are innovative and flexible. They may include courses which are pilots for potential credit-bearing provision or reworked existing credit-bearing provision, designed to be appealing and accessible to non-specialist audiences.
  • There may be an element of homework in some Study Plus courses, but this is not a required element for any course and should not overburden students, who have to prioritise their credit-bearing studies
  • By attending Study Plus events your attendance data will be shared with the Employability Points Scheme.


What do we do?
Study Plus is a venture which enables academic Schools and teaching professionals from across the University to offer non-credit-bearing courses in a range of different and flexible modes. These courses are free to students who are already registered for another Kent Programme.
What are our goals?
Study Plus aims to broaden students' horizons by offering additional and complementary learning opportunities. It is a way to get extra value from your time at Kent.
How can we benefit you?
Enhance your CV and improve your employability by taking a Study Plus course in something different to your main area of study. Attendance at Study Plus courses will be recorded in your Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR) and you will be able to collect Employability Points.

This was the best Study Plus course that I attended. I loved how engaging and enriching it was. It was structured in a way that is very relatable and informative about current affairs. The teacher was friendly, showing genuine interest in the subject.

~ Milena Georgieva, Film and Media Analysis



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