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Eat well

There are loads of benefits of eating well from increased energy, better sleep, improved physical and mental health, however it can sometimes feel difficult on a student budget. This page provides some top tips to eating well while at University.


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Top tips to improve your diet

  • Control your portion sizes – just by controlling your portion sizes you can take a step towards a healthier lifestyle. Find out more about portion sizes.
  • Eating well on a budget – the NHS provide some top tips to help save money and check out Tesco’s budget recipes for inspiration.
  • Cut down on takeaways – fast food is often the unhealthier option so cutting back on how often you have a takeaway will help. The NHS also have some tips to make your takeaway night healthier.
  • Drink plenty of water – sometimes you are just thirsty and not hungry. Down a glass of the clear stuff before reaching for a chocolate snack.
  • Don’t skip breakfast – it will give you the brain power you need for morning lectures!
  • Be organised – plan your health meals for the week and create a shopping list. This will save you money and improve your health.
  • Have your five a day – make sure you’re getting a good mix of fruit and veg throughout the day!
  • Get Googling – there’s loads of healthy recipe ideas online so have search and be inspired by the healthy meal options out there!

Struggling with an eating disorder?

If you have eating or body image concerns you can go to Beat for helpful information and advice. Our Student Support and Wellbeing Team are also on hand to help.

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