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Student Guide

UKM Student's top tips for exam success!

By Annabel Chislett | 11th Apr 2017

1 Plan
Make a good plan to help you structure your time. Don't just timetable revision, but plan your time off too.

2 Tidy room, tidy mind
I'm sure you've heard this one before! But it really does work. If the space around you is clear your mind will be less distracted.

3 Breaks
Make sure you take regular breaks, even if it is just popping outside for 5 minutes and going back to it. I find that washing my hands and face with cool water is a great way to quickly refresh the body.

4 Start as early as you can
I know students are inclined to get up late and work late, but you'd be surprised how much you can get done before lunchtime if you get up a couple of hours early. Get yourself into a positive routine so you can get a good night's sleep.

5 What kind of learner are you?
You may have done these tests in secondary school – but they really do work. Optimise your revision by doing the right kind of work style. Find out what kind of learner you are here.

6 Incentives
Reward yourself! It is a tricky time of year… so make sure to keep happy and motivated. Set out your rewards before you start revising to make it more satisfying.

7 Change location
A simple change of revision scenery is a way to switch it up. If it is a nice day take your revision cards along to The Strand, to Great Lines Park in Gillingham or to the Dockyard. Don't just stay stuck in your room or the library.

8 Bitsize chunks
Break up your exam topics into blocks to make revision more manageable. Tick off the sections as you go through them (and don't leave the ones you dislike the most until last!)

9 Test yourself
Ask friends to ask you questions, or sit down and do a mock paper. This will really help you understand what topics need more work. It isn't until you are put on the spot that you know exactly what information you have absorbed.

10 Don't Cram!
Need I say more…

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