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Drugs – safety advice and legal high facts

By Allie Burnett | 14th Feb 2018

Whatever your attitude is towards drugs, we want you to be aware of the risks. This includes risks to your health and wellbeing, as well as legal consequences.

The best way to stay safe is to avoid drugs but here are some things to consider:

  • Everyone's tolerance to drugs is different
  • Mixing substances (including alcohol) can be unpredictable and dangerous
  • You can never be sure of an illegal drug's strength or content
  • Tell your friends if you have taken drugs in case of any difficulties. Also, if you know one of your friends has taken drugs, look out for them to help keep them safe.

For more drugs related advice, visit the Talk to Frank website.

Warning: Public Health England has recently issued a warning about particularly dangerous drugs, which mimic cannabis and MDMA (ecstasy), in circulation in the region. Users have experienced life threatening symptoms including agitation, delirium and loss of consciousness. Read the full Public Health Statement.

The truth about legal highs

Legal or herbal highs are designed to mimic drugs (e.g. cocaine or cannabis) but may not have been tested for human consumption. New drugs are developed all the time but we don't know the long-term effects on the brain and body.

The new 'Psychoactive Substances Act' means that it's now illegal to supply any ‘legal highs’ or 'herbal highs' for human consumption. This includes selling or giving psychoactive substances to anyone for free, even to friends.

Punishments range from a formal warning to seven years in prison.

Get support

If you need support, you can speak to one of our trained advisers in the Wellbeing Team. Other places you can go for advice include:

The University's Policy

We also recommend you familiarise yourself with the University's Drugs Policy.

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