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Student Guide

Card access to Library

By Annabel Chislett | 7th Nov 2017

From 22 November students and staff will need to scan their KentOne card to enter and exit the Templeman Library.

Visitors are still welcome and will be allowed in too.

What this means for you

  • If you forget your card or do not have one, staff can let you in at the Main Entrance.
  • You won't need a card to access the lecture theatre, seminar rooms or digital classrooms in A Block.

Library Road access

If you have mobility issues and forget your card or do not have a card, there will be an intercom at the Library Road Entrance. This entrance is closest to the car park.

Welcome Desk staff will be able to open the gates to let you in and out at Library Road. You can also use the Main Entrance.

If you don't have a KentOne card

  • Staff: how to get a KentOne card
  • Anyone without a card can use the Main Entrance, where staff will let them in.
  • From next term, if you forget your KentOne card you will be able to get a Day Pass at the Main Entrance.

Visitor access

  • All visitors are welcome and will be let in by staff at the Main Entrance.
  • If you are a regular visitor we are looking into ways to offer you a visitor card; more details will be available soon.

Why we are moving to card access

Card access will help us improve services and security. We will be able to analyse what types of students use the Library most, ie undergraduates, postgraduates, and their academic school. This data will be anonymised and used to help us review trends.

We will look at it alongside anonymised data that we already collect about how study spaces and PCs are used, and how books, journals and e-books are used.

We want to improve the experience of using our services and collections. We want to identify trends to gain insight into how usage may affect academic outcomes, so that this can lead to meaningful service improvements.

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