Exam results not what you hoped for? See options and support

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If you did not do as well as you hoped, please don’t panic, there is support and processes in place to help you through this.  

Your options include: 

  • Appealing your results – this is when you appeal your result because you disagree with the outcome of the Exam Board. It is strongly advised that you speak to your Division to start with (within 5 working days of the release of your result) to try to come to an early informal resolution. This can be helpful because you will get a speedy outcome and may not need to enter the formal appeals process, which will take longer. If you are not satisfied with the outcome of the early informal resolution, you can submit a formal appeal. Formal appeals must be submitted within 15 working days following the release of your results (there is some flexibility to this deadline if you are waiting for a response to an early informal resolution request).
  • Resitting means you will either retake an exam or resit a piece(s) of coursework in August. Fees for resitting have been waived for 2022.You can find out more on the Exams FAQs webpage.  
  • Repeating means that you need to attend all lectures and seminars and follow the full assessment requirements. You will also need to pay tuition fees. Tuition fee costs are calculated on the number of credits you repeat – please contact the Income Office for more details. 


We understand getting your results can be stressful, especially if they were not what you were expecting or had hoped for. If you are feeling distressed or upset, there are trained professional staff at Student Support and Wellbeing who can help and support you. We can offer text, online and in person appointments to help you deal with and process this difficult experience, as well as out of hours emergency support. 

For information on what your academic options are, you can contact you tutor or Student Support Office in your Division 

Kent Union can also provide independent advice and support with processes such as mitigation and appeals. Use this online form to contact the advice centre to let them know what you need. 

Find out more  

Full information, including FAQs and contact details, can be found on the Student Guide. 

It is also a good idea to speak to your Division as early as possible to talk through your options.   

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