Revision tips from current students

Need a boost in your revision? Get some ideas for how to improve your revision with these tips from our current students:

“Look at past exam papers to identify patterns in questions. This will settle any nerves prior to the day.”

Tereza Koshi – 2nd year Law.

“Why not give ‘study-with-me’ videos a go. You can find these online, and they can help to focus on the task at hand,  break the revision into manageable chunks, and provide a sense of completion!”

Antti Lattula, MSc Organisational and Business Psychology.

“Make sure that you have an adequate amount of breaks when revising. I like to study for half an hour and then half a ten minute break. Look back at the essays you’ve written throughout the year to see what you can improve on.”

Lucy Dixon – 2nd year International Business.

“I like making colourful flashcards and using Quizlet and Notion to test myself.”

Lily Colwell – 2nd year Forensic Psychology.

“Group study can help you focus and supplement your knowledge as it’s great to pick up things off of other people that you might not have thought of before.”

Emily Flint – 2nd year History.

“I like to condense all of the most important information into one document and go through and highlight key pieces of legislation and cases. This means that in an online exam I can quickly refer to this to find what I need. I also like to add in comments of critical thought from different readings that might be useful in my essays.”

Ellie House – 3rd year Law.

“Use active recall and make sure you plan out your time in advance depending on when your exams are so you can prioritise modules.”

Gemma Overy – 3rd year Psychology.

“Pick a topic and write out a mind map of everything you can remember from it — only when you’re totally stuck do you look at your notes. This always helps me figure where I actually need to focus my revision rather than going over things I already understand”

Tanya Iyer – 3rd year Law.

“It’s important to structure your days out so that you have a clear plan on what you need to get through that day. This will make things feel more achievable, and make you feel like you are progressing well through your day.”

Stephanie Colairo – 3rd year Law.

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