Resilience in an ever-changing world

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The last few years have brought so many changes in the way we study, work and socialise. Find out about workshops designed to help you respond positively to challenges.

Welcome to 2022, another year on and more changing rules in the ever-changing but long-lasting pandemic. If you’re tired of constantly keeping up with changing rules and re-organising your social and study schedules, you are not alone!

Whatever you have resolved to do with your time this year, see if you can make space for one of the upcoming workshops on ‘Resilience in an ever-changing world’ this term.

It’s a 90-minute informal collaborative workshop for students at all stages of their studies with an external facilitator, on resilience and wellbeing, giving you the opportunity to reflect on your experiences learn practical techniques to support your wellbeing. The session aims to inspire and motivate, leaving people feeling more equipped and more positive about the future. Students can also earn 10 employability points for their attendance.

The next session is on Monday 24 January from 19.00-20.30 online via Teams and available to book online now.

There are other opportunities later in the term to come in person or online as you prefer in the forthcoming schedule, check out the Student Support and Wellbeing Calendar for further details and to book your place:

  • 2 February from 14.00-15.30 hybrid: in room KS4 and via Teams
  • 9 February from 14.00-15.30 hybrid: in room KS4 and via Teams
  • 21 February from 19.00-20.30 online only via Teams
  • 1 March from 19.00-20.30 hybrid: in room KS16 and via Teams
  • 20 April from 14.00-15.30 hybrid: in room KS15 and via Teams

If you have any questions about these or other wellbeing workshops, please contact us at

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Written by Natalia Crisanti, Student Services staff, on 11.01.22

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