Neurodivergence workshop as part of Autism Acceptance Month

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We are all part of the neurodiversity of humanity, where everyone experiences the world in different ways. In this  online workshop, Dr Chloe Farahar will work with you to discuss the challenges and strengths of being neurodivergent (e.g. Autistic; attention differences; anxiety; etc.); how your strengths can make you a great university student; and how the University of Kent has dedicated support for the challenges neurodivergent students face in education.

Session overview:

  • What is neurodiversity and what kinds of neurodivergence are there?
  • Life in labels (trigger warning for non-detailed mention of suicidal thoughts).
  • A rose by any other name would smell of…stigma (the importance of language).
  • Challenges and strengths of being neurodivergent.
  • Being Autistic at university and the support offered at Kent: Q & A ask questions about university life.

You can attend the workshop in a way that suits you, so you can say as little as you like, use the chat function only, or just attend – all modes of participation are welcome.

Sign up for the ‘Understanding, Accepting & Embracing Neurodivergent Experiences in the World’ online workshop now.

There is a vast amount of support available here at Kent including:

Throughout April, as part of the National Autism Acceptance Month, we want to celebrate neurodiversity at Kent, @unikentssw and @humansofukc are working together to amplify the voices of our neurodivergent students. If you are Autistic and want to contribute, send a direct message to @unikentssw and @humansofukc explaining what being Autistic means to you, your experiences will be reposted anonymously for the Kent community to understand and celebrate neurodivergent experiences.

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