Ways to connect with other Kent students

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As England is now in another national lockdown, it can become easy to feel isolated. Here are some ways you can connect with other Kent students: 

On campus ways to connect 

According to the current Government guidance, you can meet with one other person from another household in a public place for exercise. Formally organised support groups can also meet in person up to 15 participants. Make sure you maintain social distancing by staying 2 metres apart from anyone not in your household. 

Walking buddy

Stuck in your room and need to get out, but no one around to go for a walk with? We can put you in touch with a walking buddy! A great opportunity to meet another student and energise your mind. Send us an email and we’ll randomly match you with a student to meet the following week. 

Social campus Friday walk (Wellbeing support group) 

A chance to familiarise yourself with the routes between Colleges on campus, whilst meeting other students. Join one of our Student Support Advisers for a wellbeing walk around the Canterbury campus.  

Social campus Wednesday Walk (Autism support group) 

This Disability Adviser led walk around the Canterbury campus will allow you to explore the surrounding areas, whilst meeting and chatting with other autistic students at Kent.   

Virtual ways to connect 

Just Coffee

Want to have a virtual coffee break and fancy meeting someone new? We can put you in touch with someone who wants to meet up virtually, just send us an email and we’ll randomly match you with another student. Don’t forget to share a photo of your virtual meet up for a chance to win free drinks! 

Join online events 

There are still a wide range of events happening online which you can view on the student events calendar. There are events relating to improving your employability, mindfulness and Study Plus events on a range of topics such as Sustainability and Personal Presence. Keep the boredom at bay and meet new people in the process. 

Wellbeing café 

The Wellbeing Café is held weekly and is a place where you can meet with other students online for mental health support, games and creative pursuits. We will explore general mental health themes such as dealing with anxiety and managing your mood, whilst providing the opportunity to connect with other students, in a friendly informal setting. 

Kent Union virtual buddy scheme 

The Virtual Buddy Scheme is co-ordinated by Kent Union to help students through university life. It’s an opportunity for students to connect and look out for each other, wherever you are. Current Kent students (Buddy Volunteers) are matched with a Buddy according to their preferences, such as interests, course, language or what they need right now. 

Societies and groups 

It’s not too late to join a society at Canterbury or Medway. Societies are a group way to meet others who have similar interests to you. Why not take a look to see what’s on offer? From politics and campaigning to cultural, there’s something for everyone! You can chat to societies at Kent Union’s Welcome Back Fair (Canterbury) and  GKSU’s Welcome Back Fair at Medway.

Don’t forget to check in with friends and make sure they are feeling okay. A little message may help boost someone’s spirit and help them feel less alone. 


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